Android Applications Development Trends To Stay In 2018

Android Application Development Ttrends

In today’s digital world, technology is changing very fast. Now billions of people use smartphones and mobiles apps for their day to day work. Android operating system for smartphones was launched by Google some years ago which created a revolution in the mobile phone market. Each year new trends in mobile application development come which led the developers to learn them and remain up to date with the new technologies. Google is doing lots of R&D to keep its Android platform up to date. The research report says that Android share of smartphone sales will reach by 81% by 2019. Google’s mobile OS Android is winning in all markets especially emerging ones.

So many of Android Applications Development companies are also working to adapt the new trends in Android app development so that they can serve their customers in a better way. In this article, we will discuss the trends which will shape the Android app development in 2018.

  • Android Instant Apps: Instant Apps are the apps which can be downloaded instantly like the normal web pages. Instant apps are not downloaded into your mobile device fully rather they are installed only partly. If we use more instant apps then our smartphones won’t be full of various apps which we need only once. Google will also get the benefit as web searches on Google will increase. Looking at the benefits of instant apps, they have a great future. Anyone who is using the latest OS Android 7.0 Nougat can use instant apps although Google is planning to support instant apps for all Android versions.


  • Security of Android Apps: Google is always planning on improving the security of Android’s OS up to huge extent. In future user won’t need more applications but they will need secure mobile apps. Now, almost half of all the online transactions are made on mobiles and you will not want an app which can leak your financial information. If Android has found some loopholes in it then they will be fixed. Sometimes malicious software can also enter Google Play and there are also some issues with poor encryption standards. Google knows all of these issues and constantly working on them. Android developers should also take care of security while developing Android apps. Good thing is that now users can create a separate workspace for business apps and protect the important data. Hence now enterprises will adopt new and Secure Android apps in 2018 and beyond.


  • Android Artificial Intelligence Assistant: If you start using Android AI assistant then you can easily interact with your mobile phone. So many people are already using voice assistants and chatbots in their mobile phones. Games developers are adding more artificial intelligence features in their games. There are already some computers using AI like IBM Watson which can solve many tasks which are highly difficult for the human mind. Hence R&D and adoption of artificial intelligence is getting more prominent. Google has said they will continue the work on the integration of its new Google Assistant into new Android mobile devices. The AI based Google assistant can interact with the users, give them important information and can act as a smart chatbot. This bot can also understand the complicated commands. AI uses many concepts like neural networks and machine learning to give better results.


  • Integration of payment services: According to a research report, this year i.e. 2018, smartphone payments will surpass $118 Billion worldwide. Therefore Google is working a lot on m-commerce front. Google has partnered with top payment processing companies to enable the service integration with third-party apps. Soon, major companies will launch applications with “Buy with Android Pay” button. It will provide another way to buy things through Android smartphones other than PayPal etc.


  • AR and VR Android Apps: A recent research report says that by 2022, there will be 1,389 million Artificial Reality apps downloads. You must be remembering the game Pokemon Go which took the app market by surprise in 2016. Pokemon Go is a virtual reality-based game and so many people have become addicted to it. It has taken the gaming industry to another level altogether. Virtual Reality has gained a lesser extent than Augmented Reality Apps. But it looks like in 2018, both AR and VR will contribute a lot in the Android app development trends. If you really want to leave an impression of your business then you must use AP/VR apps which will also help you to stay ahead in the competition.


  • Search Within Apps: In-App Search is also the latest trend in Android development. Using in-app search you can find any content you need on your mobile phone. Google has already integrated this feature in its popular apps like Gmail, YouTube etc. Developers are working on to extend the number of apps supporting in-app search in 2018 and beyond. Good thing about this feature is that you can search for the information even when you are not connected to the internet.


  • Internet of Things: Earlier people had no idea that things from real life can be intuitive enough to know your needs. As per a report, by the year 2020, there will be more than 20 billion connected things and people will utilize these smart devices. The majority of home automation companies are working on smart home technologies which will help users interact with their smart home devices. Google is playing an important role in innovating with Internet of Things. Android developers should create apps that offer an interactive user experience. These apps should have a secure and efficient backend to enable the users to communicate smoothly with their devices.

Google is doing continuous R&D to develop a Android platform which is more secure, uptodate and user friendly and it is also implementing the latest technologies and trends in the market. In 2018 and years to come, using smartphones will become more user friendly for new users and old users as well. Due to the implementation of these latest trends, Android OS will become even more popular and useful for the mobile users and will offer latest features to its users.



Guide for Building a Website

Now a days website development is not an easy job as each year some new technologies emerge and become popular to develop a website. Websites also have many features and functionality which need to be understood before building a website. In this article we will tell you about the guidelines to follow while going to build a website.


In today’s digital age, internet and mobile phones especially smartphones have become increasingly popular. It has given birth to new categories of users and increased the audience for the businesses. Although mobile apps are also becoming increasingly popular but mobile friendly responsive websites are also gaining popularity. Also now to build a successful website, it must be a team effort rather then effort of a single developer. A team of web designers, developers, quality assurance professionals, UX designers and marketing professional is required along with a high end web development infrastructure.

Therefore now businesses look for an experienced and established web development company to work on high end web development projects. These companies should have a solid portfolio and proper infrastructure which supports creativity and innovation. Other than these, there are many other things which a business looks for while looking for a company to develop a website. We will discuss these now.

● Target Audience Analysis

Every business needs proper strategy if it wants to survive and achieve its goals. Hence to develop effective website strategy, the business must define website goals and should do the target audience analysis. Today there are many tools to carry out audience research and analysis. These factors also need to be analyzed in this process:-

  • Demography – The businesses should do research on the demography of the audience i.e. The data containing their age, gender, education etc. These data are important for a business.
  • Psychology: Businesses should do the research on the psychology of the audience and their goals, likes, dislikes and their motivation.
  • Web Data:- Businesses should also do research on the web data like usage location, OS platform used, frequency of use, social media etc.

Hence if you will keep these things in mind then there are more chances of success of your website.

● Choosing a Proper Domain Name and Hosting Service

When you go for Custom Web Development then the basic thing to start is the domain name of the website. The selection of a proper domain name/URL and hosting service for your website is very important. You need to consider following things while choosing domain name:-

  • Should be easy to read, speak and remember.
  • Domain should reflect the nature of business, country or business genre.
  • Should be unique so that it can stand out.
  • Should be SEO friendly containing business keywords.

Similarly select the host which offers fast loading. Hosting services influence the success factors of the website.

● Designing and Coding of the website

After approval of prototypes by the client, it is the job of the web designers to design in Photoshop or Illustrator. Final design is created with the help of these software and apply the process of slicing, exporting and HTML/CSS development.

The coding part of the website is very important as it makes the website live, dynamic and interactive. The code should be cleaned by removing the unwanted code.

● Features and Functionality

Now a days the website should be simple and interactive but it should offer all the required features and functionality which are desired by the customers or visitors. Your website should be updating content in real time and it should have lots of web pages with unique content so that the search engines can index the content rapidly. It should also be mobile friendly and responsive. Your website should have latest security features as well.


Other then the above discussed points there are many other points you should remember while developing the website for e.g. You should get proper technical support and maintenance for the website. Also the cost of the website development should be under your budget. Also the website should be high in performance and stability and it should also be scalable and compatible with your other software.

If you will take these points into consideration then surely your website will become a great brand on internet and you will get lots of customers leading to your business success.

Key Things to Consider When Hiring a Web Development Company

It is quite a challenge to find a right web development company for your web development project as there are so many such companies available across the world. You should do proper and thorough research while selecting such a company. In this article we will discuss about some useful tips to ease your job considerably.


The need for Web Development Services is growing rapidly although now main focus is on mobile applications. Mobile friendly websites have created a totally new audience that access internet and websites through mobiles only. Web development is still popular among various business communities and most of the audience requires the web as well as the mobile sites to complete the buying process.

Developers are now developing high tech websites and mobile apps using latest technologies, features and functionality to gain advantage in the competition. Therefore so many businesses are looking for reputed web and mobile development companies, especially offshore development companies. But everyone is not lucky enough that they get to find the right company to get their website development work done. To ease this process, we are giving you some useful tips.

  • Cross Check References

While looking for the web development company you should check the portfolio of the company or developer with whom you are talking. Sometimes just looking at the portfolio of the company cannot answer all of your queries. Hence you can ask the contact details of the company’s clients and contact them for their perception and experience about the company. You should check whether the company has completed the project on time and within budget or not.

  • Check the Expertise and Experience of the Company

This is one of the most important thing to consider while selecting a right web development agency. You should check whether the skills required in the project are possessed by the developers in the company. Actually web development is a very dynamic field and the newer technologies arrive in this field each year or so. Hence the company which you are selecting should be using latest cutting edge technologies for developing the website.

  • Ask for Website Security

Now the internet world is becoming a popular place for malicious elements who are always in search for victims to do their bad intentions. These people are computer hackers and can harm you and your business, steal your valuable data or personal information of your customers and can also use your website to spread viruses and malware to harm the whole of the web community. Hence you should frankly ask the company regarding security measures and security tools they know and they are going to implement while developing your website.

  • Check for Website Support, Maintenance and Upgrade Options

Just after the completion and publication of your website, the role and responsibility of your web programming company do not end. Instead it is a new beginning. A live website can have hugs as the time passes. It may also have some compatibility issues due to the advent of new technologies and tools each year. With time passes, your business can also evolve and scale up and you may need to address several issues with that growth. To tackle these and more of the issues you need a team of web developers, designers, UX/UI developers, internet marketers etc. Hence you should ask for what kind of maintenance and upgradation services the company provides whether free or paid so that all of your issues are resolved quickly whenever they arise in your website in future.


As we have just discussed, selecting the web development company to build your website is an expert job. Hence you should take extra care while doing this process. The company should be expert in latest technologies, should have experience developing similar kind of websites, should have good reviews and feedback’s from its earlier clients and should also provide proper technical support and maintenance services. If you will keep this tips in mind then surely you can select a right company for your work.

Various Benefits of Custom Web Development for your Business


We are going through an incredible period of history where digital technologies have changed the way people live and do business. Now websites play a major role in business growth strategy especially for marketing and promotional activities. Now people can visit your website to buy your product and services and to know any information about them. Websites allow businesses to show their product and services to international clients which open new channels for business expansion and growth.

Now more businesses are going to custom web development services to create their online identity and unique website as these offer several benefits. Custom website development means that the websites and applications are developed as per the specific requirements of a business. Customization offers best user experience for the website visitors and the customers.

Customized websites allow businesses to build their own unique brand. These customized web development services offer a complete package which includes, designing the logos and user-interface, programming or development of dynamic pages, developing contents, optimizing for search engines, automating lead generation, creating feedback mechanisms etc. Businesses should go for customized development due to the following benefits:-

  • Custom Websites helps in Creating Good First Impression

The job of good Web Development Company is to provide best custom website design and development services. Custom websites represent the company in the best way, therefore, it helps in creating the best first impression of the company. Nowadays customers first view the website and then decide if they want to buy its product or services or not. If they will see the same common web template used by many other websites then they might not get a unique and best impression of the company and business. Customizing helps in branding and growing the loyal customers base. It allows you to show branding elements such as logo, contents, brochures in a better way.

  • Custom Websites are Compatible and Responsive to Various devices

This is one of the main reason why custom development of websites is preferred. In this era of smartphones and tablets, people now access the internet from their mobile devices hence your website should be compatible and responsive for all kinds, types, and sizes of mobile devices and it should offer the best experience to the users. During Custom development, the developers test your website performance on multiple devices and across all types of web browsers.

  • Custom Websites better match the required Functionalities and Features

Websites like E-commerce portals, blogs, banking sites require a lot of advanced features as they are highly dynamic. In these sites, customers require intuitive, user-friendly and feature-rich websites. For e.g. Some of the interactions include, registering for a new account, choosing the product, adding products to shopping carts, do purchasing, editing or canceling their orders etc. Custom designing of websites allow for the development of safe payment gateways which offer safe and secure online transactions for the customers.

  • Custom websites can absorb Change in Requirements Easily

Trends and designs sometimes change from time to time. Customized websites allow the flexibility to absorb the changes and also supports scalability when the business grows bigger. Changes can be made as per the new requirements and it is cost effective too.

  • Custom Websites help in Creating the Brand

There are many companies which sell the same product but only a few of them are well-known brands. The website nowadays plays a major role in the branding of any business. If the businesses want to create brand value then they must have unique, attractive and user-friendly features on their websites. These can be accomplished by creating customized websites.


A website is the main backbone of any business as it helps to showcase its products, attract the new customers, create the brand and ultimately increases the sales and profit of the company. Hence the businesses should go for customized website development to get its maximum benefits.

Tips for Choosing the Right Web Development Company


Nowadays having a presence on the internet for a business has become a must in this digital world. A good website can serve this purpose well. A well designed, good looking and fully responsive website is the best way to have an attractive presence on the web. At the same time, the website also should have a professional look and user-friendly interface which will add a number of visitors to your site. You should be well versed with what exactly you need to be able to find a team that can develop a website as per your requirement.

To hire dedicated Web Development Services to build your website, following things should be taken into consideration:-


The total price of website development is a huge factor in deciding who will design and build your website as it depends on the status of your business. Hence you should look for a company whose charges are within your budget. But also make sure that price alone should not be a deciding factor while looking for a website development company as there are many other things which need to be taken into consideration along with the price.

Portfolio of the Company

You should check thoroughly the portfolio of the web development company to know what kind of work they have done in past. Looking at their past work can give you a fair bit of idea about what they are capable of doing for you. Make sure to pay attention to the small details of their work and tell them frankly what you like and what you don’t like so that they don’t do the same in your project.
Time Commitment
You should ask the web development agency about how much time they need to complete your website project. This is important as you must have planned the launch of your website and some marketing plans hence if they can complete the project on time then it can match your timing otherwise your business and your plans can suffer and it can lead to opportunity loss in the market. Also check if the company can provide some other related services like Content writing, SEO of your website etc.
Maintenance and Technical Support
This is very important factor actually. Ask how the relationship between your company and theirs will continue once the project is complete. Will they continue to help with the maintenance and technical support work once the website launches or is their job done once the website is live? Hire the company which provides you proper technical support and maintenance work post your website launch as it is generally required quite often.
Technical Expertise
Check with the web development agency that whether they use latest cutting-edge technology to develop your website. Website development is a very dynamic field and each year some new technologies and trends come into the market which needs to be followed if you want to win among your competitors. Check what kind of technical skills the company has mastered and which they will use in the development of your website.
Go for a full-fledged team
Check who will be your contact in the company. This one to one contact is very important for the smooth development of your website as many times you need to communicate some ideas, upgradations or changes in the website to the team during the development process. Hence the company should have good and fast communication channels. Also go for a company which has a full-fledged team of project manager, designers, developers, testers etc as it will ensure the good quality of your project work.
As we have just discussed you should go for a web development company which is experienced, expert, innovative, committed to timeline and has a full-fledged team which ensures quality and timely delivery of your website. If you take little care in hiring the web development company then it will help you to get quality work on your website.

Why .NET development paves way for the ​ultimate website?


A tug of war always continues between various types of technologies available in the web application development industry. Almost all the frameworks available are equally the best and better than one another. So, it becomes very difficult to choose the best one from so many available!

Technologies are changing very fast and thus, all these agile technologies are able to create the best websites ever. One such agile technology is .NET web development which is capable to create the best of websites for your business.

Every business should have an online digital presence. To establish the presence online, one should take care to save money to get a cutting-edge website for the business so that you are able to survive and thrive in the cut-throat competition of this web application world.

Another thing which needs to be highlighted here is that it doesn’t matter whether the business is just a startup or a large enterprise. A great website is the necessity of every business not to be ignored at any cost! ASP.NET is a well-established popular programming language of high level. This can be used to develop websites with most awesome features and functionalities which are otherwise not possible with static HTML websites.

Dynamic websites with topmost features and high-end functionalities are the aim of .NET web development that speaks volumes. Seamless web applications and websites are developed with no major challenges at all is the main aim behind deploying ASP.NET development.

What is ASP.NET framework?

To create dynamic websites and applications using .NET framework, .NET is the way to go. It is a product by Microsoft, so one should not give second thoughts to use this technology. It is a very stable framework and very accountable, extendable as well as reliable.

.NET is a scripting language which allows the .NET developer to create websites using Active Server Pages. There is a rich library for access to the database. Some general activities become a breeze to handle while using this programming language. Dialogue management and templates are as easy as ABC while using this framework.

Features of a great website:

A website should be up to the mark as it reflects the level of your business and the way your services are represented on the website tell a lot about your business. If you are selling products on your e-commerce websites, then it is the best thing to choose the best templates for your e-commerce website and get it customized according to your needs.

A customized website is the best way to give a unique branded identity to your business in the most engaging and attractive manner. There are some points that should be checked in a .NET developer company before hiring them to invest a lot of money to get your website developed.

●Knowledge about MVC architecture is a prerequisite for a developer who you are choosing to develop your website.
●WinForms and web forms is another category which a .NET developer should know about.

If you are hiring an offshore .NET development company, then it is very important to check:

●How experienced the team is?
●How is the portfolio of the company?
●Feedbacks and client recommendations of the past clients.
●Are they having the proper technical skill set?
●Coding knowledge and security know-how.
●Do they have a flexible approach towards your business or are they rigid?
●Knowledge of C# development is a must.
●The project should be delivered on time as the projects are always time-sensitive.
●Knowledge of VB studio and dedication towards the project.
●Another thing to take care is that the team should be available for you 24*7 for technical and customer support.

How to Reduce Custom Software Development Cost?


Custom Software has become an integral part of every business delivering them advanced services and efficiency in operation. The custom software gives a competitive advantage to this business in their industry. Even though custom software has innovative features and amazing advantages but they are a bit costly and a burden on the pockets of startups and entrepreneurs. The large expenses are mainly because custom software development needs more man hours and technical excellence than for that readymade off-the-shelf software. This is the main reason why companies feel customized projects do not fit into their budget. Here in this article, we are shedding some light on the strategies for enterprises to successfully reduce the cost of customized software solutions without compromising their quality.

  • Turn to Outsourcing

You should be very careful while choosing a software development company and should choose a company which offers value for money. Remember the high development cost doesn’t guarantee the quality and very cheap price can also turn into a poor quality software hence you should go for outsourcing which is a good step to take if you want to decrease the costs of custom software development. Many countries in Asia and Eastern Europe can deliver high-quality software products and their prices are also within budget. Outsourcing itself does not guarantee a success but definitely, it will help. You should do proper research while choosing the company which should be reliable and quick in fulfilling the required tasks.

Document your Entire Requirements for Custom Software Development
Words can easily be forgotten or misinterpreted hence make sure that the software developers understand it right what you want to say. You should create a document and put all of your requirements there using graphs and if some new idea or requirement comes to your mind during the software development process then add it to the document. Give as many details as you can about the project in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding that may lead to rework later on.

  • Use Agile Software Development Model and Methodology

Another popular thing that is good for cost reduction is the Agile approach for Custom Web Development or for Software Development. It leads to the cooperation of stakeholders on all stages of software development from beginning to end. After completion of each stage, the developers show the software product to the customer and improve the software based on customer’s reviews and feedback. In this approach, the changes are made during the whole process and therefore there will not be any need for rework.

Some companies use the Waterfall model approach in software development in which the software product is shown to the customer when it is already developed and if it do not fit into customer’s expectations then there is a need for total rework which often leads to increase in software development lifecycle and cost involved.

  • Cutting down some requirements

Not all functions and features are equally useful and required for your business processes. Many software products possess some of the irrelevant features which are detected later and these extra features don’t suit the nature of the project but raises the development as well as maintenance costs. Therefore it is good to narrow down the software requirements to only the most viable and mandatory functions and features to cut down the development cost. Entrepreneurs know their budget and the maximum limit up to which it can be stretched, hence they should prioritize the software features, based on their requirement.


It is definitely not easy for newly launched companies to survive in this highly competitive business world. Therefore cost reduction becomes very important for every business owner. In today’s world, a business cannot exist without software hence partnering with a reliable outsourcing company can be a good answer to cost reduction question. Hire a company which has many years of experience, uses Agile approach and is ready to deliver you high-quality software product on time and within your budget.