5 Definitive Tips To Make An Android App Search Engine Optimized

Image 1The recent surveys have depicted that more than 50% of the consumers reach app stores by searching for a desirable application through the web. And the two prominent channels of distributing applications are Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It has been observed that Google Play store gets the majority of organic app downloads via search results, which encourages the Android application developers ensures search engine optimization for their app. Thus, learning and deploying the aspects of SEO will help them make strives for a popular Android application.

The higher Google visibility will induce maximum application downloads and the increase in the number of downloads will add to the app popularity. This makes the popular apps follow a phenomenon of rich get richer faster.

There are numerous methods leveraged by Android Application Development Services that can help make an Android app search engine optimized. Developers can easily optimize their app by following certain resourceful tips and tricks. Here is a list of a few noteworthy tips that allow one to efficiently make an app SEO friendly.

1. Application Title:

A wisely named application title will help improve the App Store Optimization (ASO). Some key points that add to an optimized title are –

  • It should feature the targeted keywords.

  • Keep it unique and original.

  • Use your brand name exclusively in the app name – Adding the brand name in the app name and adding a link to your app profile page will help enhance your brand value with every click. It is also advisable to include the brand name in the download page URL too.

  • It’s better to create a short and precise that perfectly dictates the core functionality of the application.

2. Promote your app to potential searchers, mobile users and bots:

Image 2Adding a direct link at the top of your app page on your site will help different platform users to directly download an appropriate app for their device.

3. Pictorial content:

With the availability of Android App Developers for Hire, you can make your application page intuitive by adding appropriate application snapshots and brand logo. Use interesting and descriptive images that properly showcase the app utility to its potential audience. This will make your app boast credibility. Rather than using numbers, give a specific name to them and use keywords with ALT tags and file names.

4. App rating and reviews:

Image 3Today most of the people check the app reviews and rating added by other users. Not only individuals, but the ASO also refers these attributes. The user reviews on the Play store or other blogs will improve its presence in web search. More reviews and rating will ultimately represent it in the list that can induce a good number of downloads.

5. Use the anchor text wisely – add brand name in the link text:

The link text should precisely describe the featured hyperlink and must include the brand name. Adding the brand name in the link text will not only help you create a unique link text but will also improve your brand value among the masses.

Use the above mentioned efficient tips for a search engine optimized Android application and make strives for a popular and successful application.


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