Want to break lingual barriers via your iPhone? Here’re 5 apps custom-made for you


Language is an excellent medium of communicating your ideas and opinions with others. Different people speak different languages. This makes it inadequate for some to understand each other appropriately, thereby creating a major language barrier. Thanks to the availability of iPhones, we can now fight all issues occurring due to language differences. Whether you are traveling abroad or attempting to learn a new language, your iPhone will let you do all this and more with utmost amount of convenience. In this article, I’ve discussed about 10 iPhone apps that work as handy tools under situations where you find yourself lost in a big world of words.

iPhone App No.1- iTranslate

iOS Application Development Companies have been continuously making efforts towards delivering fine-quality translation apps for iPhone users. iTranslate is one such iPhone app that includes a set of dictionaries that help in translating a word into a specific language. Backed with many other features, iTranslate allows you to adjust the volume while translating the voices.

iPhone App No.2- Google Translate

Google Translate is a brilliant iPhone app that allows you to translate over 80 languages. Upon installing this app onto your device, all you need to do is simply type, speak or write your query and Google Translate will respond in the expected language. Google Translate comes with a favorites section that allows you to save common phrases that you may want to remember regularly. Google Translate works best for translating languages including Chinese or Japanese.

iPhone App No.3-Universal Translator

With support for over 50 languages, Universal Translator allows you and the other party to chat in your preferred language. In order to use this app, you and the other person must have a Google Chat account, with one of you having the app installed in his device. Once the app defines your mutual languages, every message that you type is automatically translated into the targeted language. If you’re thinking about choosing skilled iOS Developers For Hire then make sure to build an app that’s capable of translating things into your preferred language.

iPhone App No.4-WordLens

WordLens acts as your most preferred partner during international tours/trips. Each time you travel to a foreign country, it becomes tedious for you to read tings. It is here that the significance of WordLens is realized. All you need to do is take a picture of the thing that you’re unable to read and the app will translate that into the language you want.
iPhone App No.5-SpeakText
SpeakText is a fabulous iPhone app that allows you to translate documents by simply touching or highlighting the text. This app reads out your chosen text line by line, followed by translating the same in your preferred language.

iPhone App No.6-SayHi Translate

Affordably priced at $2.99, SayHi Translate is worth the money spent. It comes with a feature of amazingly effective speech recognition in over 40 languages. Combining language and dialect, SayHi Translate returns the best possible translation, breaking down the language barriers set in countries across the globe.
If you’re armed with the aforementioned translation apps, you’d never feel alone in a foreign country. These apps are specially designed, keeping the language constraints faced by people in mind. So, get started and install these apps to create a global community comprising of friends hailing from different religions and traditions.


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