Bumpy Rollout of HealthKit Software: It’s Finally Operational With iOS 8.0.2

The last-minute bugs and delays have made the Apple’s HealthKit the most anticipated iOS software.

HealthKit is the latest software platform that is basically designed to offer the complete health details included under a single comprehensive picture. There are myriads of incredible health and fitness applications developed by Mobile App Development Company available out there. This software simply collects the data from several health and fitness applications and epitomize the complete info and displays it via an application known as Health app. It thus facilitates users to conveniently retrieve their health related info. Moreover, the HealthKit also offers a feature that will allow you to directly forward the health and fitness info to doctor charts and hospitals.

The HealthKit’s success matters a lot to the Apple, as it aims at one of the giant industry, health care industry. And thus, the stumbling start of this high-profile Apple product was not expected.

Earlier though, the iOS 8 was revealed but, Apple pulled out the HealthKit applications from the App Store. For this reason, the users who have got the Health app couldn’t do anything more.

Then after integrating suitable tweaks, Apple unveiled iOS 8.0.1 within a week. Now, although the issues in HealthKit were resolved, but with it certain new issues were introduced including spotty cell service in the iPhone 6. Therefore, Apple yanked the iOS 8.0.1 version as well.

Immediately after that, Apple launched iOS 8.0.2 update with all the bug fixes and perfectly running HealthKit. However, with this updated version, the data that some users had pushed in their new Health app in the first week is wiped out.

Now, though the software is finally functional, but its delay will impose certain consequences for observers and app developers.

Let’s ponder into the the first application that supports HealthKit, named as FitPort.

FitPort offers a complete health dashboard that represents the collective information from all the integral health applications of Apple.
It can track the user’s steps, their running or walking distance (in both kilometers and miles).
It also provides the numbers for dietary calories, active calories body fat percentage and weight.
With the FitPort, users can also set fitness goals for them and compare the stats daily or weekly with the previously tracked data. It thus, helps determine the progress.
For fetching the activity data, users may either use some  third-party fitness bands (which can synchronize the calculated data to the Health app) or via the M-series motion coprocessors that comes complete with the iPhone itself.
For determining the calorie intake, users are required to use some other HealthKit compatible application, because Fitport doesn’t features foot database.

These are some of the amazing features that the FitPort application will provide you and thus, will help you monitor your health with ease. Users can download the other HeatlKit compatible applications to reap the complete benefits of this incredible health care software. Or, if interested, you can also hire the iPhone Application Development Services and develop a desirable fitness app that supports the HealthKit software.

Developers may also consider this and develop some more intuitive and highly functional health and fitness application that supports HealthKit software and leverage their business.


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