Google vs. Apple: The Technical War Is On


Are competitions advantageous or not? What I believe is that a healthy competition is always beneficial to all the participants; one way or the other everyone gains something out of it. It energizes and encourages us to deliver our best performances by following an innovative approach that might appear impossible in isolation. The basic mantra that helps us give our best in a competition is the terror of losing; this pushes us towards success and helps us deliver our best. Ever successful technical company understands this.

Then, what kind of war is going in between Google and Apple?

Google is the popular search engine that endeavors to deliver a fast and efficient way to search information across the Internet. Whereas, Apple is a gadget maker, which was formerly known as Apple Company in 2007, has deliver incredible gadgets. These two companies were not rivals from the beginning, in fact, they lived like cronies. Both the companies were working in collaboration and their match was perfect; Apple devices were integrated with Google services.

The issues in their relationship evolved with the emergence of Smartphones as a lucrative business, and there comes a turning point, Google walks away and choose to reap the benefits of this advanced business. Google Android and Apple iOS, both the platforms have surged in the Smartphones realm, and possesses distinct and marvelous business models. It is considered that the rivalry of the two giants begun when Google stepped into the Smartphones realm with similar features as that of Apple devices.

Apple launched remarkable gadgets including the iPhone, iPod andĀ  iPad that revolutionized the touchscreen mobile industry. Later with the growing competition, the iPhone Application Development Services help replace the Google maps with Apple maps in the iOS devices. And, Apple is striving to improve their maps to reach a step higher than Google maps, if you have used the recently released Apple maps you might suspect that Apple is quite close to its target. Moreover, Apple sued the Samsung over creating an unfair competition by providing features that had been used by Google.

Not only this, but Apple integrates Safari browser which is stated as much faster and efficient than the Google Chrome. Most interestingly, Apple has created their very own search tech with Spotlight Bing that could be further enhanced to snatch more than million dollars revenue from the coffers of Google.

The fierce competition between the technologies often benefits the users by providing a product of high end innovation. No matter, which company is leading and which is lagging behind, both the Apple and Google are striving for enhanced market value. On one hand, if Google Android is holding a leading place with maximum market shares, the Apple iOS also tops the chart when we observe the statistics and analytics of total revenue generated by Smartphones. Thus, you can also avail iPhone App Developer For Hire and generate a greater ROI to benefit your business.

Today, most of the users (though not all) prefer Android phones due to their open source nature and other utile features, whereas, Apple gadgets don’t support cross-platform nature and that way they endeavor to stay ahead of their competitors. Anyways, the users are the ultimate winners of this tech war as both the sides will get better and better over time. This war is going to be utile and spectacular especially from the technology and users point of view.


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