An overview on running Android apps in Windows

Image 1Android applications have become the power-packed mobile apps for a wide population of smartphone users. Whether you’re inclined on playing a simple 3D game or want to gather the best feeds from different countries across the globe, finely developed Android apps can serve as your most trusted partner. Although Google and Microsoft still continue to remain tough competitors, there are people who’ve tried their hands on running Android applications in the windows platform. The aim behind writing this article is to abreast you with the technique of running Android applications on the Windows platform. So, let’s get going!

Leveraging the potential of application developed by BlueStacks

BlueStacks has made the running of Android applications in Windows platform possible. As per the words of the company head Mr. Roshan Sharma, this new application will play a pivotal role in allowing Android apps to run on the Windows platform. Unlike the case of Emulators that are quite slow as compared to the applications that run on the same platform, the brand new application developed by BlueStacks will be considered more essential as compared to the wide range of mobile operating systems.

Hardware co-ordinated working boosts the process speed

Image 1If you will opt to Outsource Android App Development there is one of the greatest advantages the application created by BlueStacks is that it works in co-ordination with the hardware, making the entire process of running the Android app on Windows faster. That means, with the help of this app you can conveniently run your Android app on Windows platform quite similar to the way in which you run an app on the same platform that it’s been built on.

Other impressive alternatives to the application created by BlueStacks

Well, a large number of applications are coming for iPhones and Android. With a lot of people trying to run an application on a platform that’s different from the one it’s been built on, the emergence of applications like the one developed by BlueStocks has truly served as a great solution. Here’s a list of other ways that can be used for running Android applications in Windows platform:

  • Use Android SDK – You can choose the Android SDK for trying the effects of all versions of the Android applications. Backed by an effective set of tools, this Android SDK allows you to run Android applications on the Windows mobile platform. The best part of Android SDK is that it’s available for a variety of mobile platforms including: Linux, Windows, Mac etc.

  • Youwave– You can avail Hire Android Apps Programmers for even customizing this brilliant software that allows you to run all Android applications in Windows platform with complete ease. You can refer to the internet for complete details about the correct usage of the Youwave software.


Running Android apps in Windows definitely appears as a challenge for most of the people whose job expects them to use a large number of applications on a regular basis. I’m sure the details covered in this article would have helped you gather great insights into making an Android app run on the often-complex to handle Windows platform.

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