About To Sell Your Smartphone? Data Security Tips You’ll Regret Missing


Are you all set to sell your old phone to purchase a new one? Does your smartphone have stuff you’d fear sharing with anyone? If your answer to both these questions is a “Yes” then this is an article you can’t afford to miss. Here, I’ll be offering you excellent tips on securing all the private data that’s already been stored into the smartphone that you intend to sell. If you’re retiring your old phone that’s loaded with your private pictures, videos, messages, contacts, bank details etc.,then these data security tips will serve handy for you.

1. Opt for a timely backup of all your device data
Each time when you’ve chosen iOS App Developer for Hire, you might have come across companies that are purely dedicated towards building apps for securing device data. Now, since you too are  planning to sell your phone, it’s always better to backup all your private data using an SD Card. You can simply choose to connect your device to the personal computer and create a data back-up that would stay with you even after the device has been sold to a different individual. If you’re moving to a new smartphone that runs on the same platform, then you can simply sign in to your Google account and save all your crucial data in a secure manner.

2. Wipe out everything from your smartphone
If you’re an iPhone owner then you may even choose to get in touch with a reputed iPhone Application Development Company In India which will suggest you the best ways of deleting all your private data in a hassle-free way. After creating a backup of your device data, it is recommended to erase everything that’s stored in your phone. Right from removing the SIM card and data card to deleting the text messages, pictures, videos and contacts; everything must be widped out from the mobile device. If you’re intending to sell an iOS or Android powered smartphone, then you can easily spot factory settings menu which will guide you through the steps that need to be followed for deleting data from your gadget.

3. Removing the Micro SD card is something you can’t afford to forget
Since MicroSD card is the data hub of your smartphone, it is absolutely essential to detach it from the device prior to selling the phone in the market. While removing the MicroSD card from the mobile phone, ensure that you don’t break or damage the memory card slot because if you tend to do it, the smartphone purchaser might easily find out the same and offer you a lesser price for the gadget. There’s a majority of smartphones which come with a detachable battery along with SIM and SD Card slots right beneath it. I suggest to look for these memory card slots placed towards the side corners and remove the same with optimum care.

4. Uninstall all the apps that might have stored your personal data
Before finalizing the sale of your smartphone, it is recommended to un-install all the applications that might have stored/fetched data from your device. By doing this, you actually zero down any chances of your private data being shared with an unknown person.

Now those were the four finest tips that allow you to secure your private data before you proceed ahead to sell your phone in the market. I’m sure these tips would assist you in safeguarding your data, the next time you’re out to sell your smartphone to a potential buyer.


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