Everything you wanted to know about Google Voice Search

Image 1Internet search has many faces associated with it. You can either type in specific keywords or phrases for finding a particular piece of information or just like the all-new Google Voice Search feature, you can simply speak your question into the device and find the related results. Google developers have been working tirelessly to make Google one of the finest search engines and the brand new Voice Search feature has been a visible outcome of their efforts. Keep on reading this blog as I’ll be unveiling some impressive assets of Google Voice Search.

What Google Voice Search feature is all about?

Image 2Let’s be honest. How many of us actually love the idea of typing in search queries bestowed by Android App Development Services within our smartphone’s search bar? Well, yes, not many of us actually like to do so. Google’s voice search feature is a great sigh of relief for all such individuals who don’t want to key in long keywords or phrases for getting access to related information. Based on the voice recognition technology, Google’s Voice Search option can be accessed via the right hand side of the search bar available within Google chrome and also in all Android Google search applications.

And now, let’s come to the steps that are involved with using Google Voice Search feature in Android powered devices:

Step 1- Ensure that your device is equipped with a Google voice search app. If not pre-installed, you can choose to download the app from Google’s Play Store.

Step 2– Now, simply speak in your question and Google voice search app will answer you back by voice. In Android powered smartphones and tablets, you can use the Google search app for a large number of functions apart from performing a plain search. For example, if you want to call a number that’s available in your contacts list, you can simply use the Google voice recognition technology instead of getting into the hassles of searching the contact number manually.

Google’s Voice Recognition Technology does a lot more than plain search

Image 3By equipping your device with Google Voice Search app or opting to hire Android developers for such apps, you can perform a lot of functions apart from simply searching for the desired details and information. You can search for directions, set reminders, schedule meetings, set alarms, receive weather updates for specific cities, countries etc, send messages, play your favorite music/movies and do a lot more cool stuff. You simply have to select the Google voice search option on your smartphone, tablet, netbook and speak up your query or command.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’re well familiar with the exclusivities of Google’s Voice Search feature, it’s time to improve your Google search experience by making the most of this feature. Go ahead and install the very trendy and easy-to-use Google voice search app into your gadget and start relishing the joy of searching for information and performing important tasks simply by speaking to your device. And that’s not all, the multi-language compatibility of Google Voice Search app won’t stop you from exploring the world up to the fullest.


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