Why Android App Development Is A Great Career Option

Are you looking for a career path that can let you grow your knowledge base and earn a hefty revenue? Choosing a career as an Android developer certainly makes a much sought after choice. Although there are other options available, but Android development is advisable to the folks who possess programming skills and are seeking an option in IT sector.

If you are still wondering why Android app development makes a great choice for career seekers, this is your read. As per the stats collected via a job survey, it is has depicted that there has been a whopping number (over 40%) of increase in the openings for Android professionals. The rapidly growing demand of Android experts has encouraged institutions to offer Android development training and classes to the interested students. In fact, some schools have introduced it in their curriculum to ensure that their students get adept with the technology. You can polish your Android development skills by joining any such institution to take a step forward towards a promising career.

Today, Android possesses a gigantic user base and is run over a slew of different mobile devices. There are several mobile companies that prefer teeming up with the Android platform, instead of iOS, Windows or any other mobile OS. This further ensures that by investing in time and efforts to develop Android applications, you can probably generate a great revenue.

The prime reason for flourishing Android developers in the market is the superior features, applications and games that users extol the most about this platform. Therefore, no doubt developing Android applications is a cool and utile career option.


Here are some facts and statistics to further compel you choose the Android Application Programming as your career; let’s decipher them.

  • Ever since Google has brought this open source platform (in 2007), this OS has been dramatically improved. It not only embraces the advanced technicalities, but it is so incredible that it managed to defeat (in some aspects, like market shares) Apple iOS, which once used to be the forerunner of touchscreen industry.
  • Today the majority of mobile devices are Android powered and this has been proved in the recent stats. It shows that Android possesses over 70% of the total market shares of smartphone market, leaving other platforms, including popular iOS far behind in the race.

There are several sections in Android development, from which you may choose to excel in. Here are the options available.
App programmer
Game developer
GUI designer
Android Application Project Manager

Let’s ponder into a key checklist that you must go through before diving into the application development process.

1. Working with XML: The UI elements in Android are declared via XML. Having a deep knowledge of this markup language to further make your job simpler and easier.

2. Expertise in Java programming: Since, Android is based on Java programming, thus you must learn this language before getting started. If you have basic coding knowledge, you can efficiently learn Java.

3. App Development Environment: There are several IDEs available out there that augments Android development. You may choose a suitable one; however, Eclipse makes a viable choice.

To conclude, let’s have a look into the perks that Android app development career can offer you.
It is a valuable source of attractive pay scale.
It offers several opportunities for career growth.
It provides a great exposure.

If you are interested to choose a challenging and growing career option, Android app development makes a fabulous choice.


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