Effective Ways To Find Out The Right iOS Developer For Your App!

It’s no harm in accepting the fact that finding an iOS developer( a good one) is not a straightforward task like buying new coffee filters or firing Ralph. It is more of a time consuming and a strategic job that requires constant efforts to completed. For starters, iOS developers are high in demand, and if you do find one for you, it’ll be very costly. Well, if you are thinking of iOS development, the cost is the main factor for developing apps in Apple store is always sophisticated and more expensive than other development platforms.

To brush a cool breeze over your ears: There are thousand of people trying to join the community of iOS Developers that raises the competition in pricing, talent and experience. All you need to do is find a developer who is experienced, talented and motivated and bargain to cut down on your iOS app investment cost. Now, the challenge is finding a right developer and for that, we have curated few techniques you can use:

Reviewing Candidates:  When you post on the boards that serve as the new age classified ads, you are likely to get thousands of response. Your email box is full of many developer’s letters and quotations. How can you figure out the right candidate who is experienced, who can complete your iPhone app development task at time, who can communicate clearly to you about interface, status, problems of a project or who is a real person and not a prankster out of those thousands:

Online Presence:  iOS Developers and designers have some tools with which they can show general competence in technical and non-technical areas such as Blog, Twitter profile or Github or other shared code.


You don’t have to do a Sherlock Holmes research but just see a general tone of professionalism in their experience and any red flags that you think shouldn’t be there.

Dig into the details of their projects:  Looking at the projects that are already developed by the developers is an excellent way to vet candidates as you can ask questions about areas of improvement or challenges faced. A good and famous project with zero flaws is a sign that you are dealing with a right candidate.

Components used in the Project:   Working for large enterprises sometimes mean that you are not allowed to share the codes publicly. But this shouldn’t restrict you to ask questions about your product. Ask them the technical level of your project as well as the authentication, logging, UI components, caching, network handling, testing, etc.?        Also, feel free to ask about specific commonly-used libraries like JSONModel, AFNetworking, DateTools, etc. as well.

Tool Opinions

A new developer loves everything about a platform, languages or tools while an experienced developer knows its limitations and often complains. Ask few questions to them to find out their skills with the tools:

– What do you not like about Objective-C itself? How about Swift or Cocoa Touch?

– How would you change the XCode interface?

– How would you modify the app review and feedback process?

You could roll the dice by doing all of these things, and hope that your developer gets the project done, or you could use Xicom.com where a multitude of iOS developers will see your project pre-screened and are ready to work.


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