Few Golden Rules To Develop An Effective Android Application

With the rapid development of the Android operating system, it has become essential to build a mobile application that will enhance the reach of your business. Well, having the best performing mobile application is only possible when your app doesn’t have any errors or lags. Before launching your app, it is essential that you must properly test the app and eliminate all the issues.

There are plenty of debugging tools available in the market that will help you detect & remove the performance problems in your Android application. With the assistance of a reliable Android app developer you can build apps for Android powered smartphones, tablets, TV’s and laptops. Mobile phones based on Android platform come with their limitations related to storage so the app developers mainly focus on building reliable and efficient apps which consume less space.

One of the most common ways of measuring app performance is the battery life, in case your app is not that much effective then it will drastically drain the cell phone’s battery. So it is strongly recommended that you must optimize the performance of your Android app so it consumes less battery life. You can Hire Android developer that will build an efficient app for your business. Given below are the Golden Rules that will surely boost the performance of your app:


1. The first rule of optimizing the app performance is by avoiding things which are not required for the application. Many inexperienced Android app developers often add different things which hamper the performance of the application leading to severe lags and bugs.

2. Try to create something meaningful. An app that helps in saving time and makes a task easier has the greater chances of getting successful compared to those apps which are complicated to use.

3. Reduce the design complexity of your app. Keep it straightforward and easy to learn and use so that everybody can use it. Hire an experienced Android application development company which will provide you with simple yet powerful mobile app.

4. Opt for Integer rather than floating. Although, there is not much difference between these two but floating requires two times more space than an integer. Hence, it will be good that you avoid floating method.

5. While designing an app, it is better to use Relative Layout or Grid Layout so that you can give your app a simple layout which is easy to use and understand.

6. Try to develop an efficient index for the database which will help in optimizing queries for your application especially when you are building a shopping app.

7. Always opt for a precompiled SQL statement or careers commonly used for the app development process.

8. Choose native app development methods if needed.


In this blog, you will read about few guidelines that will help you in enhancing the performance of your Android app. Make sure you are hiring the services of an experienced and reliable app developer who is capable of accomplishing any app development project.


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