Top 5 Tutorials To Learn Android Development!

Learning new technology languages for some people is like fighting an unwinnable war. They leave it in the mid because sometimes the online tutorials are way too complicated or ask you to buy a premium service. You just need a tutor that can nudge you in the right direction, without having you to spend anything. Happily, some resources can help. If you get a chance to go through any of them, make sure you do and you can start building up a foundation of knowledge that will set you on track to becoming a pro developer. Let’s look at them:

One of the first and the most modern sources you have free access to is Android’s website i.e. It’s among the top places for all Android-related resources on the web. It includes a full how-to with exercises on Android app development services that covers installing and setting up your developer environment by implementing Google Cloud Messaging in your app. This website carries a plenty of information required for a beginner to become a professional. It’s wonderful that the Android team has taken the time to go into such detail to help people get familiar with the Android platform.



As some of you might be aware of the fact that Android uses Java and what better than Java’s platform can help you teaching the Java. The website has included hundreds of complete, working examples, and dozens of lessons to ensure you learn to create applications. The tutorial is continuously updated according to the regular feedbacks of customers using at as a learning platform. From custom networking to Sockets Direct Protocol, you’ll find everything on this tutorial to get hold of Android development.


It is another site that for the novice to acclimate themselves with computer code as there are a plenty of programming languages like Python, JavaScript and HTML included in this tutorial. It is to help you get familiar with a lot of the terms and concepts used throughout computer programming.


Similar to Android’s developer website, Vogella has in-depth tutorials on basic and advanced concepts of Android development. It is a great resource because it is free, simple and contains plenty of screenshots and code snippets to make things easier for you. The website is basic as far as online learning goes these days but nothing beats the free.


It is a capricious amalgamation of Sesame Street and e-learning as it involves various puppets to make learning easier for you. It offers an entirely engaging experience for learning Android software development with the help of videos, interactive code challenges, quizzes and some additional material.

Ultimately, if you are looking to go all by yourself, these are some of the best sources on the web you can approach. If you don’t find these tutorials interactive, then hire Android developer because you might don’t want to pursue a degree if you couldn’t learn online. If you are looking for a place to start developing, have a success story to share, or you went long and gave it the old college try, we would love hearing your story. Please share your comments below:


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