Popular Operating Systems For Mobile App Development

Today the world is moving forward on the wheels of tech-savvy gadgets and advanced technology. Out of all the electronic gadgets, mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) have proven to be the real game changers in the market. Nowadays, every single person is carrying a mobile device in his/her pocket.

The mobile app development services are the main reason behind the growing popularity of these smartphones. With the help of the internet, you can quickly access these apps and can enjoy all the features in a seamless way. These apps will help you connect with everyone even if they are away from their laptops or desktops.

Importance of a mobile application for your business

In a very less time, mobile apps have become an integral part of all the small & large firms who want to pitch their potential customers. With the help of an efficient app, a business can not only retain existing customers but can also gain the new ones that too in very less time. With the aid of Mobile app developers, you can quickly create a feature-rich app for your business. So if you are running an online business which is supported by a fully-functional app, then the possibilities of your business success is always high.

In this blog you will read about four mobile operating systems on which you can run your business app:

Google Android: An operating system that needs no introduction. In 5-6 years the Android has become one of the widely used mobile OS. Till now Google has launched 12 different versions of this OS, and every version has released out with unique features & functionalities. The Android OS is an open-source technology which means anyone can customize it as per his requirements. Mobile giants like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, use this OS to power their smartphones.

slide-iphone-app-developmentApple iOS: The only rival of Google’s Android is the iOS platform. This OS is only limited to Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Till now Apple has launched 10 different versions of this OS, and the latest one rolled out with iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. Just like Android, Apple iOS also focuses on performance along with appearance. It is said that iOS is one of the most dominant OS available in the market. Overall, it’s an user-friendly and the second most widely used operating system.

Blackberry OS: This is the property of RIM (Research in Motion), and it was first released in the year 1999. The BB OS is only for the Blackberry line of smartphones. This OS is quite different from other operating systems as it is restricted and has less number of apps in its official store. Like Apple, Blackberry is close source OS and is not available for any other manufacturer. Recently, Blackberry adopted the Android OS to power their future devices.

Microsoft’ Windows OS: It is more like a lighter and cleaner version of the desktop Windows OS. Earlier people use to find this OS difficult to operate, but then Microsoft and Nokia joined hands and came up with a mobile version of Windows 7 which has now gained immense popularity among all kind of users.


No matter which platform you choose, make sure you hire an experienced and reliable app developer who provides you with a mobile app that meets your requirement and fits into your budget.


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