Latest trends in the iPhone app development market

Apple wowed the world when they introduced an iPhone in the global market. And the rest is history. Till now Apple has launched seven models of iPhone, and each one has helped in generating huge revenues for the company. Not only the iPhone but iPhone-based apps have also ascended into the new dimension. Today the Apple’s app store has around 1.4 million applications which are compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. This huge amount of apps has maximized iPhone usage by the general users and continues to do so.

Top trends in the iPhone market

Swift Coding

Recently, Apple launched the multi-paradigm scripting language named “Swift”. In a very less time, Swift completely changed iPhone Applications Development process. Today almost all the app development firms have adopted this coding and all the latest apps are now based on this code. Moreover, the Swift 2 has also been introduced in the market which has amazing developer-friendly features.


Several iOS app developers have created personalized mobile apps for a specially targeted audience using the iBeacon. This function provides the location of the customers and enables them to gather all the information of the nearby supermarkets, shopping malls and centres, theatres and so on.


Apple’s iWatch and wearable gadgets

Well, Apple has a history of creating innovative products and after launching Apple Watch they won the hearts of a significant audience. These wearable tech has become the talk of the town and now a large number of people are hiring iPhone App Developers just to develop apps for these wearable gadgets.

M-commerce for enterprise

There has been a constant rise in the online shoppers. This has boosted the development of eCommerce apps and allowed businesses to reach out to the global audience in a hassle-free manner.

Applications on Cloud

From 2015 onwards, the cloud-based apps have gained enormous popularity in the app development sector. The best this about cloud tech is that it helps the users in freeing up limited memory, enable the developers to cut down the app size, smart synchronization and various other features. This trend will stay for a long time.

Fingerprint Detection

After the incorporation of the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s, the new apps being developed have taken this function into consideration. IOS apps now have access to Touch ID which makes them more secure. Apps related to banking, shopping, etc. have used this function to make the payments more secure.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This feature has already gained immense popularity among the app developers throughout the world. Internet of Things is a method of controlling various devices without being physically present. IoT is a kind of futuristic feature which has been able to catch the attention of several app developers. Apps based on this functionality will be quite in demand in the coming years.


No matter what type of app you are planning to come up with, it will be good that you hire someone who has plenty of experience and skills in developing amazing apps that too at affordable prices.


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