This Is Why You Should Consider CakePHP For Web Development


CakePHP is used around the world by web development firms to create competitive websites in a lesser span of time. The technology is open source and offers a flexible platform for developers to craft amazing websites as per their convenience.

Today, the most preferred website development frameworks are based on PHP. Businesses and individuals hire PHP developer to develop wonderful websites. Among all the platforms, the unmatched advancements of CakePHP framework has made it the primary framework among others.

One of the main reasons, CakePHP is the leading development framework is because it is an open source web platform. This means the developers can simply download and install it to create amazing web solutions. Developers do not have to pay any licensing fees or recurring charges in order to use this framework.

CakePHP follows code re-usability to cut short the time to development. During development, most of the time goes in writing codes validating various code structure synchronization. But if you hire CakePHP developers, the will simply make use of pre written codes. This practice saves a lot of time which can be used for optimizing creative and logical parts. Such codes are tested and verified, and can be simply added to the program.

It is often seen that the common reason developers overlook a certain technology is due to its hectic installation. But, in the case of CakePHP, there are no pre-configurations required before developers can get along with it. The framework is highly automated and most of the general settings are auto-detected. You just have to configure the database settings and you are good to go.

Be it any development platform, programmers prefer the MVC model. This is because MVC gives a more appealing touch to the project. Thankfully, CakePHP development platform is based on this Model-View-Control pattern. The pattern separates the data presentation layer of a project from the business logic. Views present the content in a more user-friendly way and controllers validate the data before it reaches the database.

The platform is enabled with built-in validation features. This makes the validation of objects and classes simple and effective at the same time. Developers working on this framework can create different and advanced rules for validation.

CakePHP is based on ORM technique. This enables the incorporation of object-oriented programming in development. Project data can be represented in different classes which are later used to define relations. Pre-defining of validation rules and callback is possible with teh help of CakePHP.

CakePHP implements CRUD functionality, which stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. This feature is introduced to resolve the common database handling issues. A developer can create, read, update and delete different elements quite easily.

CakePHP is an all-in-one package which supports the development of a highly advanced content management system. With the robust features like features translating, validating, caching and authenticating, a developer is able to complete the projects on time, with quality assurance.


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