Benefits Of Yii Framework For Your Business

Yii Framework is an open source web application development source which is used for creating high-performance applications. Yii is one of the latest and most preferred PHP frameworks in the global web world today due to its advanced features.

Yii is beneficial for web development projects concerned with any type of business, be it small or bigger enterprise. Whether the need is for a simple and small website or a complex project with special requirements, you can hire Yii developersyii-framework

and get it done. Being an open source, Yii can be downloaded for free from the official website. Today, almost every PHP development firm offers web development solutions based on Yii. Here are some of the major benefits of using Yii framework

1)MVC Design Pattern

Yii is based on the Mode View Controller pattern, which helps the developers to organize the web development in a clean and efficient manner.


Or the database object access, is an advanced feature in the Yii framework. Web development company can utilize this feature to avoid the complex task of writing SQL queries again and again.

3)Built-In Validation Features

It is easy to create forms which take input and validate the data with the help of Yii framework. Different widgets makes it possible to collect the form input and validate it effectively.

4)Advanced AJAX Widgets

Yii framework features a rich set of AJAX widgets. These allow the web developers to create an efficient user interface for various projects.

5)Automated Themes

The appearance of a Yii based website can be modified instantly according to the requirement. This is made possible with the theme mechanism offered by Yii.

6)Error Management

Handling error is easier in Yii than similar frameworks. The log messages and notifications are saved in a well-documented manner and can be accessed whenever required.

7)Highly Secure Framework

Yii is the most protected PHP framework of the present time. The framework is equipped with advanced security mechanisms which prevent any intrusions on the business application.


Yii features simple and effective ways of unit as well as functionality testing for the development projects. These are based on PHPUnit and Selenium.

9)Library Extension

Yii framework provides an extension library. This contains various elements contributed by the users.

Yii enables a highly responsive and secure environment for developing competitive solutions. Yii framework is a result of advanced engineering which is available for free as an open source technology. The entire framework is flexible and offers freedom to the developers without much restrictions. Today, a business needs to lay hands on all the latest technologies in order to survive in the cutthroat competition of the web sphere. A business cannot survive without adapting the latest technologies. Yii is exactly the kind of tool that should be used by a brand to enhance the user interference and generate profits.


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