Hiring An iOS Developer? Points To Remember


The Apple iPhone is the people’s platform. The incredible iOS apps have made the advanced digital technology cheap and accessible. Apple entertains all the apps submitted for launching on the App Store. Yet, there are certain rules that a developer needs to abide by. If the iOS app you developed meets all the technical and security aspects from Apple, the app may feature on the App Store in just a month.

An iPhone app is a perfect blend of knowledge and creativity of the developer. For an app development company, it is important to hire iPhone app developers who are proficient with the technical skills as well as has the ability to think out of the box. If you are running an app development and looking for iOS developers, here is a check list that will come handy:

  • Professionally Sound

To begin with, check out for the hands on experience of the developer in the following aspects:

  • iPhone SDK
  • multi-touch
  • Cocoa framework
  • GPS posting
  • Xcode
  • QuickTime
  • IMPS
  • Web service integration
  • Accelerometer
  • Knowledge of adding third party libraries
  • Dealing with APIs


  • Proficiency In Objective-C

In the case of iPhone development, the more the developer is proficient in Objective-C, the better the app will be. Objective-C is the standard coding language used in programming the iOS apps. So, a sound knowledge of Objective-C is a necessary skill to look for in a developer. The more the developers have experience in the language, the more clean the codes will be. An ideal developer writes clean codes. This will let the developer go back again and again to a certain code and make relevant changes.

  • An Innovative Thinker

Just a technical savvy is not what you should be looking for. A developer must understand the app development from a user perspective. This means that the iOS developer you hire should make sure that the app has a great UI and UX experience. It is the responsibility of the app developer to deliver a clean and beautiful app. Knowledge of HTML5 is a bonus as this helps the developer to create productive and elegant apps.

  • Active Decision-Making Skills

Once the app is made, it is submitted to the Apple for consideration. Apple tests the app thoroughly and if it finds any faults, the app is not allowed to feature on the App Store. Professional iPhone developer should keep his nerves in such moments and resubmit the app as many times as possible after resolving the bugs. The developer should put all his efforts to satisfy Apple and take the app to the App Store.


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