Why is Magento best option for eCommerce development?


Ever since the content management systems have been introduced in eCommerce industry the market competition has reached the whole new level. Earlier online merchants use to have static HTML-based websites which looked similar to each other. But these content management systems have completely changed the way sites were developed. Compared to WordPress and Drupal, the Magento CMS software has proven to be the best option for developing eStores and business sites.

Magento is an open-source tech and is currently powering 30 million eCommerce sites on the World Wide Web. It is a leading eStore development platform and works hand in hand with some of the world’s largest retailers, brands, manufacturers spread across B2C and B2B industries. At present, the web development sector has plenty of Magento Development Company and you can quickly locate the suitable one for your project. In this blog you will read about some features which make Magento a preferred choice for online store development:


The Magento CMS system comes loaded with plenty of features such as navigations in layers, advanced searching, SEP, favorites, wish lists, product comparison, email listings, product grouping and much more. Along with that, Magento has MySQL, PHP and Zend as primary architectural frameworks.

SEO Friendly

Well, every Magento Developer agrees to the fact that this CMS software is extremely SEO compatible. The online stores with huge user base can take help of this functionality to further enhance their site’s reach. Search engine optimization is the major reason because of which most of the firms opt for Magento. In case you want to boost the SEO process, you can add different SEO modules.

Flexibility And Easy Customizations

Every merchant wishes for a flexible platform which offers him complete control over of his portal. With Magento, you can easily handle all the functionalities of your site that too from a single administration panel. With the help of this control panel you can quickly customise the user’s shopping experience, add/remove plugins, change the theme, colours, fonts, merge payment gateways or shopping card and can do a lot more in a hassle-free manner.

Friendly For The Developers

Web developers find Magento really easy to use and upgrade. Even the users also find Magento customisation quite simple. At initial stages, Magento may seem to be a bit difficult but there are plenty of online tutorials, articles, webinars etc that will help you in customising your portal in a better manner. However once familiarised there can nothing be better than this.


Recently Magento partnered with Google which is an evidence of their excellent performance and compatibility with different search engines. So if you are choosing this platform for the development of an eCommerce site then all the facilities offered by Google like Checkout, Base and Analytics will come pre-installed in the system.

Easy Administration

The easy reporting feature of Magento CMS is another reason behind its rising popularity. It offers the detailed reports which make the process of administering the site easy. By analysing, the current status of the business one can make better eCommerce strategies using this CMS platform.


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