Android Development- From where this whole thing began?

A few years ago, Apple’s iOS was dominating the mobile market but when the Android entered the market, things changed pretty fast. When Android was first developed it was designed as an operating system for digital cameras. But soon Google acquired it for $50 million and made it into a billion dollar firm that too within just a few years.

When Google took over Android they developed a platform for mobile devices powered by the Linux Kernel which firmly rooted the Android OS as a big brand. Since 2008, Android is continually rolling out numerous updates that are loaded with improvements in OS, interface features and usability which made Android App Development a much easier and pretty sorted process. All these updates made the Android a force not to be reckoned with.

In recent years, the Android has slowly covered the Apple’s iOS market and has been able to turn more & more iOS consumers into loyal Android customers. There’s a sudden surge in the needs and development of Android apps but the question is what exactly does it takes to develop a superb Android app?

All the Android-based apps have the ability to enhance the functionality of the device by using the certain technical part, so when it comes to developing an Android app, everything is coded using the SDK (Software Development Kit). This SDK offers an extensive set of tools which include things such as software libraries, a debugger, a handset emulator, documentation, a sample code and tutorials. The Android Developers know how to use all these resources in creating a quality rich and stable for their clients.

While scripting the Android apps, the JAVA is used as the primary coding language because it offers complete access to the Android APIs (Application Programming Interface). Apart from SDK, there are several other tools available in the market. Techs like Native Development Kit, the Google App Inventor offer a great visual environment for any trainee programmers, and of course a variety of cross-platform frameworks for mobile web applications.

If you are a non-technical person then you should hire Android App Development Company which knows in and out of the whole app development process. There is a range of IT firms in the market which is capable of fulfilling your vision at affordable costs. Sometimes you might have to pay a little extra but that’s fine if you desire to create a product which stands apart from the rest of apps. Make sure you appoint those who possess a proper skill set which is required to accomplish this task.

Always do a background check before roping in someone for your projects. Ask the development agency if they abide by the rules & regulations laid out by Google Inc, this ensures that your app won’t be facing any surprises in future. Also, most IT companies will provide comprehensive application testing, security checks and also product support on launch, and in some cases thereafter.

Once your app is developed and tested, it is time to sell it on the Google Play, from where users can download it by paying a small fee or for free. The Google Play is the official app store for the Android apps and it complies with the Google’s compatibility requirements. At present, there are 2.5 million apps in this store, so it’s essential to develop something which is out of the box.


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