Mobile App Development Objectives For 2017


As has been the case with the software web sphere, the mobile app development has revolutionized and evolved to be the next big thing. People have already moved towards their smartphones, leaving behind the traditional usage of desktops and laptops.

The common challenge faced by the enterprise mobile app developers is to ensure the app has what it takes to go viral. It takes more than the performance of the app that keeps the users engaged to it. The app should be free of any bugs and should be able to able to operate with minimum mobile resource usage. It is often seen that many apps do not perform well when the battery is low. In such cases, the users will simply delete the app. Also, the app should not be a battery drainer. No matter how productive the app is, people want their devices to keep enough charge for a full day.

The need for engaging and productive app content is an ever-growing aspect. Apart from the traditional text, the mobile users wish for media such as images, animation GIFs and videos within the app. It is quite a task to bring together all these features and make them compatible with each other. Today, there are several reliable mobile CMS available which can be used to ease the process.

Besides managing the app content, security for such content is another major concern. Usually, the app source codes are made available to the developers as well as the clients. Where such opportunity benefits the app development process. It may also lead to information misuse. This is why when companies hire mobile app developer, they make sure that apps are locked with mobile device management solutions. This prevents the misuse of the app codes which may affect the user experience.

Being a professional mobile development company, you must ensure that every app you roll out should feature proper authentication plans, server validation, and updated security encryption within the app. It is also important that the security should be flexible and different from other applications. For example, if you are creating an app for banking or transferring money, it has to be highly secure than the one for communication.

User interface and user experience have always been the major concerns for mobile developers since the apps came into existence. The common challenge with the app when you hire mobile app developer is to ensure a unique experience to the users. This is followed by adding advanced yet easy to use functionalities to the app. As a professional app developer, it is important to understand the variability of the mobile platforms, screen sizes and various hardware configurations.

Not paying attention to any of these may result in an unsatisfied user experience and will further lead to a weak response from the app once it goes live. To overcome the challenge of app abandonment, you must consider the requirements of various mobile operating systems, regularly fix bugs, and feature app updates. Make your app equally accessible across the leading mobile platforms, and use advanced and interactive options like gestures to keep the users engaged.

With the advancements in the development of mobile devices, we now have a lot of gadgets and operating systems available in the marketplace. As professional mobile app developers, it is important to pick between the three leading platforms (iOS, Android and Windows), depending upon the target audience.


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