5 ‘Must-Have’ Skills Of A PHP Developer


A business website is a critical part of any online entity and works as a digital front for your agendas and goals. With the website being a representative of your business, it is important that it is designed in a professional manner. And to achieve this, the primary element of a robust is an experienced PHP developer.

Now, in order to attract customers from all over the world, you need to ensure that the PHP development is performed as per the web standards. For an impeccable PHP based website, a skilled developer is crucial. Only an experienced developer can transform your vision into reality. Here is a list of must-have skills to look out for in a developer you hire:


A developer should possess the necessary knowledge and technical expertise over the latest trends and tools. One should be able to manage the necessary aspects and expectations of the online business and create a website accordingly.

2.Technical Expertise

Complex web applications such as Content Management Systems, HTML, CSS3, Web2.0, AJAX etc are some of the crucial aspects which a PHP developer should be well aware of during the development of a website. It is a desired skill of a developer that he should have expertise in the common web programming languages which will help him in fixing the bugs and flaws made to maintain the quality.

3.Industrial Know-How

One of the main responsibilities of a web developer is to keep his skills up-to-date as per the latest trends associated with the designing and development of a website. This helps a developer to overcome the common issues related to website development in an efficient way and enhance the overall productivity of the website.

4.Time Management

Time management is essential for assuring that the project is delivered within the deadline. It is important for a PHP developer to keep a track of time and manage the development accordingly. The time should be distributed skillfully for development, creating proposals, designing and integrating the changes made in the final moments.

There are times when a developer is found working on multiple projects or pays more attention to a particular section. It is important as a client to make sure that a developer is able to manage the time in order to deliver the project in time.

5.Communication Skills

Client engagement is a crucial part of any web development project and PHP development is no different. A developer should be able to understand the requirement which is only possible if he has good communication skills. The programmer should be a good listener and must stand by the actions they take.


An experienced PHP developer should have the knowledge of the current tools as well a vision for the upcoming trends of development. The PHP based web solutions should be planned to meet the future requirements and enhancements. The developer should be adept in creating a website which ensures data security and provides ease of access.


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