Why Mobile App Development is still a profitable business?



In India teledensity has increased upto 75 % and in some countries, it has touched even 90%. Among these large number of people are using Smartphones. For every kind of their need, mobile apps are available which they can download from the Play Store and use. At first glance, it looks there is a wide scope for Mobile App Development. Hence if you have a team of Mobile App Developers then you can earn a handsome profit by developing mobile apps for your clients or businesses.

Too many Apps

Right now there are around 2 millions mobile apps in the Apple’s iPhone App Store and about 2.2 million apps on Play Store. However, it is really a cause of worry that only 25% of the downloaded apps are used once in 6 months. It shows that there are too many apps available and not all are making profits. After the initial success of Android mobile apps and iPhone mobile apps, Microsoft has also invested a lot in marketing so that more people develop apps based on Windows Phone platform. BlackBerry lost out in this race as people prefer WhatsApp for similar work.

Not all mobile apps succeed
One problem with this new phenomenon is that not all mobile Apps have useful features. Out of 50 new applications that are launched on the app store, only one will be successful. With thousands of application are submitted for release on iOS App Store and Android Play Store only a few have the useful features and functionality which can be liked by the users. Smartphones and smart devices are also becoming sophisticated with new technologies like high-resolution front and back cameras, smart device integration, virtual reality etc. So consumers expectations have risen to new levels and the mobile applications should meet those expectations in providing the features.
For e.g. iOS has recently come up with HomeKit in which one can manage various household electronics appliances from their mobile app. In this competitive world, the application with creative and fresh features will survive. Experts indicate that mobile app quality remains the primary factor for success.

Not all Apps have useful features

Although mobile apps may have many features, only a few of them are regularly used while some of them are not used at all. A lot of features are not useful at all and they just give unuseful information. The unused features of the mobile apps are ignored by the users. A better way to introduce new features and to attract user interest is to release it as an upgrade of the app. Like in the case of social media apps, experts say that app developers should analyze what is required and check the effective usage of the mobile device before integrating new features. One app named HI-FI has been launched as an application to analyze the app and the factors for social media trends. This app will help to find out unnecessary features and also help the users to set up their own custom menus based on their interests. Using this app user can save time and create easy to use interface. This app is attracting lots of users already.

How mobile apps can earn profits?
As in future billions of people will be using mobile smartphones hence Mobile App Development will continue to remain profitable. The earlier cost of mobile application development was thousands of dollars which later reduced to few hundred dollars in the US and finally to under hundred dollars from a team of Mobile Application Developer in India. Other than the competition, also evolving technologies have helped in a drastic reduction in the development cost. Some of the cross-platform app development platforms like PhoneGap, AngularJS and Ionic have helped further the reduction in mobile app development time and costs. For a long time Gaming remained the most popular category to earn money. But recently E-commerce and enterprise solutions like Amazon, Flipkart are also making huge profits from using mobile applications.

In today’s time, businesses have to create a mobile strategy as a core part of their overall marketing strategy as it can help the businesses to reach to their potential customer which can initiate the purchase of their products and services immediately with ease. Hence for a long term, mobile app development will remain profitable.


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