How the​ mobile app development for Android Marshmallow needs some changes from Android developers?


Android is currently the most popular operating system running on millions of Android mobile devices. Android was developed by Google and holds 52 % market share in mobile operating system market as per the latest report. Some research reports say that Android has more than 80% of market share. There are millions of mobile apps which are available in the play store of these mobile devices.It is a responsibility of Android mobile app development companies to develop the useful apps for Android mobile devices as per the user’s requirements. Sometimes it can be quite challenging to develop mobile apps. With the launch of Android Marshmallow, the work of mobile app development company has increased as it has offered more security and stability to the Android mobiles for which the developers need to add extra codes.

For Android App Development services the companies should train their developers so that they are up to date with the current Android OS. They may need to hire Android Developers to complete this job.

Marshmallow is the Android 6.0 version and has provided upgrades to system usability and connectivity and also up gradation in the security features. Now the users have more control on their data while using mobile apps of the third party. Implementing these are quite challenging for the Android developers. Also now users can expect a longer battery life.
Now Android smartphone users expect more from their smartphones. Hence Android mobile app development companies and developers have to upgrade their mobile app designing and development processes. Also, the Quality Assurance and the testing team have more responsibility. Here we are discussing some points for mobile app evaluation:-

  • Immune against Voice and non-voice activities

A mobile app developed for Android Marshmallow should be immune against different voice and non-voice activities going on the mobile device of the user. This is important to win the trust of users and develop a trustworthy relationship with clients.

  • Installing and Uninstalling the mobile app

If the mobile phone user is installing the app or uninstalling it, the process should be transparent and without error messages. The Quality Assurance team can check the installation and uninstallation of the mobile app on different Android mobile phones with different conditions.

  • Network Connections

A mobile app should perform well and should not let down its users in different network conditions. The mobile app user should get the best output from the installed app. Even when the network is from the mobile app should give needed information to the app users.

  • Smooth performance

The mobile app should give smooth performance. After installing the mobile app into an Android Marshmallow mobile device, other apps and services which were installed earlier, should not be interrupted in any way.

  • Hardware Integration should be flawless

The mobile app should connect and work flawlessly with different hardware components including GPS, Cameras, Sensors, WiFi etc. as it is required for the best use of the mobile app.

If the android app developer and testers keep a check on all of the above points then the Android mobile users will be highly satisfied with the mobile app. And also the app will meet the standards of Google and Android. The focus is to deliver more power and flexibility to the mobile user. If you are into Android app development them you should take these measures seriously.

In concluding remark we can say that Android app development is not just doing business and earning money, rather it is doing business with advantage to all the stakeholders involved in the development, distribution, and application of the mobile app. If you are a company looking for mobile development then you can hire Android developers after taking due considerations and checking their upgraded skills.

To implement the strategy, the developers need to program efficiently. They need to update with the latest Android SDK, its features and must be trained well enough in which functionality works for which version of Android mobile operating system and also they should keep in mind that delivering high-quality app is key to the success of their team. Also, the developers should regularly check the reviews and feedbacks about the mobile app they have developed in the play store, forums and social media and should respond as well as upgrade the app accordingly and as suggested.


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