Best Software development Models in Web Application Development

Today technology is changing the shape of the businesses and it has evolved a lot in past few years. Using technology people want to have control over everything. Software development and web application development has opened up limitless opportunities. Using technology we can innovate and offer a platform where software and web application development takes place.

The models and methodology used in Web Application Development is a structure which can be used for planning and be controlling the procedure of creating a specialized solution.
Proper planning is needed to develop highly technical software and applications. The basic purpose of these models is to offer customized web application as per the requirements.
Models help us understand the system by simplifying the details which can be implemented and executed by following the proper model. In the case of Custom web development, we have to carefully study which model to follow so that there remains a balance between requirements, analysis, design, development and testing phase of the project.

Now we will discuss some of the famous models used for the purpose of Software development and Web Application development:-

1. Waterfall Model

If you into software or Web Application development you must have used Waterfall Model. It is the traditional method of explaining the software development process. Waterfall model makes the process into a linear flow with a sequence and states that further level is made progressive on completion of the previous one.
Also, this model says that going back to do some changes is not possible.

Steps in Waterfall Model:-

  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis
  • System Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment of the System
  • Maintenance

Advantages of Waterfall model:-

  • Easy to understand and functional
  • Easy to handle as model is rigid one
  • Saves lots of time
  • Allows doing testing and analysis easy.


  • It only matches precise requirements
  • Not application for maintenance projects
  • It doesn’t allow editing in the testing phase
  • Difficult to guess the outcome of the project
  • Not best suit for long and ongoing projects

2. Agile Software Development/Web Application Development Methodology

Agile methodology offers an innovative approach towards web application development. It is used to manage projects in a well-organized way and allows for recurrent changes. This methodology is getting popular and now applied for a large number of software projects.

The good thing about it is that it minimizes efforts by creating software in short time boxes, known as iterations and which can last from one week to one month.

Advantages of Agile Software development model

  • It follows an Adaptive approach that responds to changes
  • Allows for direct communication between stakeholders to maintain transparency.
  • It improves quality by finding and fixing errors quickly and identifying a mismatch
  • in expectations as early as possible.
  • It focuses on working with software and lacks documentation efficiency
  • There are also chances of going off-track as outcome is not clear

3.Analysis/Design Model (ADM)

This model applies the simple approach of Analysis, design, and implementation. There also occur some issues when an attempt is made to include web pages, and the executable code is associated with them alongside other elements in the model. Hence we should model the artifacts of the system-those real life entities which will be built and operated to create the final product. Also modeling the internals of the web server or the details of the web browser is not going to help the designers of a Web Application development.

It is important to model the pages, their links to each other and all the active content that went into making pages. These are the objects which the designer designs and the developer implements. Dynamic content pages, hyperlinks on the client and server are needed to be modeled.

The next process of this model is to map these objects to modeling elements. If the web page is a class in the model then the page’s script will map the processes of the class.

Whatever model you follow but you have to make sure that it is best for the Web Application development processes where we have multiple pages, hyperlinks, and relations between those pages. The model should make sure that all of the requirements are taken care of and the final product is well tested and is foolproof of errors and defects. By following a model the project will be completed in time and with the best quality possible.


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