Advantages of PHP for Web Application Development


In today’s digital world every business wants an online representation on the world wide web through a website. If you want to create ideal website for your business, PHP web application development services will be the best choice for you. Right now in the internet world, about 80% of the websites are built using PHP as a server side scripting language as PHP is much more popular than other technologies like ASP.Net, Java, Python etc.

PHP is open source and has a large developer community which is updating it from time to time. Recently the latest version of PHP i.e. PHP 7 was released which gives faster performance. If you will use PHP for your PHP web development then your business will certainly get a competitive edge over others in the market. Now we will discuss some of the reasons why PHP is best for Web Application development.

PHP has built-in features for Web development

PHP was mainly developed specially for web development while other programming languages were developed for web as well as desktop environment hence PHP has many features which are required for developing websites and web applications. There are many inbuilt classes and functions in PHP to do many web development operations.
PHP is platform independent

PHP runs on all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc as it is a platform independent language. PHP web applications run perfectly on all platforms without any issue. If you are a PHP developer then you can deploy the PHP application on all the web servers like Apache, IIS, Netscape etc. Therefore you can develop web applications using PHP without worrying about the deployment and hosting concerns.

PHP is Open Source

PHP is not only most popular but it is also open source and is distributed freely and there is no license fee involved while you use PHP for web development. Therefore PHP is used to develop web application freely.

PHP has huge open source community

PHP has been developed by open source community of developers from across the world. You can interact with these open source developers using online blogs and forums. If you have any query then you can also resolve from this community help. Therefore PHP is very popular as it is well supported.

PHP is compatible with all databases

On the internet, Websites deals with a large amount of data and all the developers and users want that these database operations should be fast. Companies want to use the fastest databases. PHP is compatible with all the databases like MySQL, SQLite, dBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL etc. You can choose the fastest database and use with the PHP without any issue.
PHP application development with LAMP framework

You can develop quality PHP applications using LAMP framework. LAMP includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP which all are freely available. You can use this LAMP stack to create efficient and powerful web applications.

We have discussed various advantages of using PHP for Web application development. If you choose to use PHP for your web application or website then you will get advantages of open source community, platform independence, libraries, frameworks, plugins and for developers, PHP is easy to learn also. Therefore in future also PHP will get even more popular and will be loved by developers and businesses even more.


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