Four ASP.NET performance & scalability secrets

ASP.NET is a powerful web application development framework. Developer across the globe love to work on this tech because it will allow them to tweak anything they want. Day by day this platform is becoming more mature and Microsoft regularly updates it and add fresh features in its code. All these innovative features of ASP.NET allow web developers to build and manage a variety of high-performance and highly scalable web application at a rapid pace.

However, each developer also needs to learn few tips and tricks that come in handy while carrying out the .NET Application Development process. The combination of advanced features and simple changes would surely make it easier for the programmers to create web apps that offer amazing user experience. Here are four tricks that will boost the performance and scalability of ASP.NET apps:

1. Configuration: The System.NET comes pre-configured and allows two concurrent connections for each IP. So the web server can make only two concurrent calls, and the outbound call to the specific server or calling WCF service on another server. A similar thing happens to the web application, the number of connection will also put an adverse effect while using different web services. So you should change the System.NET config to machine.config or web.config to pump up the performance.

2. WCF Default Configuration: By default, the WCF configuration allows to make only 16 concurrent calls per each service. Also, the default number of concurrent calls is now reduced to 10, so in case you are using sessions and wsHttpBinding then the default number will not be adequate to meet the needs of sites which fetch high web traffic. To overcome this issue during the .NET Web Development you should use InstancePerContext.PerCall set which will ensure that each request is handled by building a new instance of the service.

3. Process Model Configuration: The process level properties of an ASP.NET application which are defined in Process Model Configuration. Well, this configuration defines the number of threads used by an app, the number of requests which are kept in waiting and the whole duration of blocking the thread before the timeout. As the default value of each process level of property, it can affect the scalability & performance of your web app. To eliminate this issue, you must reset the default values for maxWorkerThreads, maxIOThreads and minWorkerThreads.

4. Enable Caching and Dynamic Compression on IIS: Apart from making changes in the ASP.NET config you also need to modify the IIS configuration so that you can easily make your dynamic web applications more scalable and stable. For instance, if the dynamic content compression option is disabled then it will definitely go to put a negative impact on the output from the WCF (Windows Communication Framework) and ASP.NET pages. It will be good that you must turn on the IIS compression for both static and dynamic content. Sometimes Enable Dynamic Content Compression feature remains disabled by default make sure you change it before moving further.


How App Development Benefits Put A Positive Impact On The Industry

In a very less time, mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have become an essential part of our lives. Nowadays almost everyone is using mobile devices to carry out their routine tasks. Along with that several small & big firms are also using these gadgets to accomplish their businesses operations. The major part of the smartphone business is represented by the software running on it, to be more specific, it’s the mobile apps which we are talking about.


Mobile apps have served as the most popular way to put out content not only to offer services but also to roll out advertisements and expand the existing brand. Recent technological advancements have suddenly boosted the Android app development services. Right now Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store are the two biggest app stores in the mobile sphere. They both offer quality and feature-rich apps that will surely make your daily tasks easy and hassle-free.

Currently, Google Play is holding the largest market share and has till now published over 3 million apps & the number is rising day by day. Android app store is a land full of opportunities, it not only has an edge over competitors but also allows developers to quickly tweak their apps as per the changing market trends. Here are the few benefits that have put a positive impact on the mobile app development sector:


As mentioned above, Google has a stronghold in the app industry and the popularity of this platform only goes up as its name is associated with some of the highly popular platforms and services such as YouTube. If you Hire android app developers who are skilled enough to come up with a quality app then there are great chances that your app will get exposed to insane amounts of potential customers.

Development cost

Low costs are probably the biggest perks of Android because it’s an open source platform. Android is available to wanting developer and with right tools he can create an app that supports and fully compatible with Google’s architecture. This serves as a great opportunity for the small firms which will assist them in putting their app on top market that too without spending ridiculous amounts of money

Easy to use

Android offers a great Software Development Kit which is also known as SDK. This SDK helps the Android app developers to quickly manipulate & use the Android ecosystem into their favour. It will not only make their job easier but will also speed up the whole development process as the developers won’t have to spend a lot of time on learning Android coding.

The sky is the limit

Well, thanks to the nature of Google Android, app developers can create an app that can express themselves freely during their development phase without bogging down on the production limits and overall functionality problems.

Hardware galore

For instance, you want to develop an iOS app you would be restricted to iPhone, iPad and iPod. Whereas, in Android, your app will function on any device which will be running on Android OS. This gives the development team a great leisure and ease of mind as they have a healthy pool of devices for which they can create their applications.


Android app development offers incredible opportunities and advantages that will surely help your business grow leaps and bounds.

This Is Why You Need A Professional iPhone Developer

As we all know that in the global smartphone market, the demand for the iPhone is growing rapidly. And so is the need of skilled iPhone application developers. Nowadays, iPhone developers have become a primary element for every iOS related software development company or IT organizations aiming to accomplish app development projects. Every business wants their exclusive iPhone app which complements their business. This development is not possible without reaching out for the services of a professional iPhone developer.


If you want to have the best iPhone application development for your firm, then it has now become imperative to hire a skilled iPhone application developer to get the job done in the finest way. You can easily look out for professional developers online and find a plethora of them. Developing wonderful apps for iPhone doesn’t mean that you have to shed loads of cash and invest hours for the app to develop.

Today, running a successful business is all about keeping the risks to a minimum level and ensuring investment returns at the same time. This is unimaginable without an iPhone application developer.

Having a strong knowledge of the SDK or Software Development Kit for iPhone is a must for any iPhone app development services to develop a bang-on mobile app. A vintage app developer knows that the App Store is already flooded with tons of applications. Only a developer,who can think out of the box can make the best use of the Software Development Kit to create unique applications by studying the apps that are already available in the store.

The featured app needs to be unique in terms of design and other specifications, if not the usage. Such designing and development capabilities completely depend on how well the iPhone developer understands the SDK. Having a thorough knowledge of the development kit will not only help the developer to create a popular but also save time and money for the development of the app.

The developers are well versed about the fact only an app that does well on the App Store will help them branch out their referral market. A skilled developer will require little time to study the needs of the business and start the process to convert the idea into a fully functional mobile app.

Professional iPhone application developers offer a wide spectrum of iPhone app development services, which includes

  • iPhone game development

  • GPS ready apps

  • Social networking apps

  • Business utility apps

  • Multi-user apps and many more

While the demand for the iPhone apps reaching sky-high, the need of app masters who can deliver a quality app within a strict deadline and budget is also rising exponentially. Ensure you choose the best iPhone app developer who has a history of proven expertise and experience in the development of the iPhone apps.

The Importance Of Custom Software Development: In 2017 And Beyond

In the present times, software application development has completely changed the way the world does business. Every organization has its unique agendas and goals as well as different methods to achieve them. Moreover, the increased obsession on the software and web solutions has made it a must for the businesses to opt for custom software application development to meet the specific needs of the organization in a more systematic and productive manner.

The custom software development services look into the needs of the client to a granular level. The analysis is based on the pain areas where the business is lagging behind and then coming up with tailor-made solutions for it. The custom software development company considers the views of the client to plot the desired and expected results. The study is done to highlight the missing or weak links from the system, which if added or customized will optimize the existing system. The analysis is used effectively in making a custom made application that serves the precise requirements of the client.

A custom software application has many exclusive advantages. Since the software is being developed on the basis of certain demands, it is able to come up with the best solutions. This does not seem feasible with a regular software. A software which is produced in bulk has stock outputs and the limitations can be experienced as soon as the business starts growing. With the changed requirements, the regular software does not seem feasible. Ultimately, it starts affecting the overall productivity. General software come with installation and implementation glitches, which takes time to fade away.

The major drawbacks associated with a general software application is that they are not tested precisely. So, errors can pursue when you try to tweak such software as per your needs. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the custom software development services to perform unit testing, prototyping and incremental on the software. These methods ensure that the output is always accurate and precise. The development process is broken down into smaller fragments so that proper concentration and preciseness is given to every aspect.

Prototyping enables the software developers to make a prototype and test it to see if the software can deliver the desired results. This reduces the cost of getting software solutions because the software development company is able to add all the functions in the software application during the development phase. In case the software fails, the entire project does not have to re-launch from the scratch as add-ons can be made on the go.

The custom software serves the unique needs of the business process and empowers it to deliver highly customized solutions, which would not have been possible otherwise. This enhances business competitiveness and allows you to gain an edge over the rivals.

How To Master The iPhone App Development?

With its iPhone and iPad product series, Apple has been leading the industry from past several years. Apple products especially iPhone holds a large portion of market shares in the mobile industry and that is the primary reason why most of the clients want their app to exist on the App Store. The growing demand of iOS app developers has lured several software developers into this industry.


Well, the good news is that iOS application development is not difficult as you might think. This blog is a comprehensive guide that will give you a walk through the complete process of creating an iOS-based app. In this blog, you will be reading about the reasons, tools and phases involved in the development of an iPhone app.

Why Develop for Apple?

This is the most frequently asked question that why anyone should develop an app for an iOS platform. iPhone is currently the leading mobile phone in the market and this is an enough reason to develop an app for an iOS-powered device. If you will be able to come up with one successful app then you can easily attract a good amount of clients. And once you will start getting customers you can quickly enhance your business setup.

Planning your iPhone App Structure

The standard ideology of the Mobile app development is that you have to go through different phases. The first step is to create a plan and a rough layout. It will be a good thing that you gather information about the latest trends surfacing in the app market. Then it comes to chalking out what your app will be doing, why people want to download it, what features your app will have. After that, you have to code your app and give it a definitive shape.

Developing Apps in Xcode

The Xcode is the commonly used tool for developing iOS and Mac OS X-based apps. In case, you are using OS X Lion on your PC then you can download Xcode and all the related packages for free that to directly from the Mac App Store. Once you install it on your PC, launch the Xcode and its welcome screen will show up. From there you can start a new project or can load an older one. You need to click on the “Create a new Xcode Project”, then the template window will open up with few options mentioned on it.

Under iOS-> Application, click on “Single View Application” and hit “Next”. You can name your new project like Test, then on the Company Identifier option, type in any word like “my company” and then hit Save.

The Xcode will quickly build a file directory and will direct you towards the new window where you can start coding. There you will come across a lot of file options but the folder which has your app’s name on it should be your primary focus.


This blog will provide you with enough information that will you have a brief knowledge about the iOS app development process.

Latest trends in the iPhone app development market

Apple wowed the world when they introduced an iPhone in the global market. And the rest is history. Till now Apple has launched seven models of iPhone, and each one has helped in generating huge revenues for the company. Not only the iPhone but iPhone-based apps have also ascended into the new dimension. Today the Apple’s app store has around 1.4 million applications which are compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. This huge amount of apps has maximized iPhone usage by the general users and continues to do so.

Top trends in the iPhone market

Swift Coding

Recently, Apple launched the multi-paradigm scripting language named “Swift”. In a very less time, Swift completely changed iPhone Applications Development process. Today almost all the app development firms have adopted this coding and all the latest apps are now based on this code. Moreover, the Swift 2 has also been introduced in the market which has amazing developer-friendly features.


Several iOS app developers have created personalized mobile apps for a specially targeted audience using the iBeacon. This function provides the location of the customers and enables them to gather all the information of the nearby supermarkets, shopping malls and centres, theatres and so on.


Apple’s iWatch and wearable gadgets

Well, Apple has a history of creating innovative products and after launching Apple Watch they won the hearts of a significant audience. These wearable tech has become the talk of the town and now a large number of people are hiring iPhone App Developers just to develop apps for these wearable gadgets.

M-commerce for enterprise

There has been a constant rise in the online shoppers. This has boosted the development of eCommerce apps and allowed businesses to reach out to the global audience in a hassle-free manner.

Applications on Cloud

From 2015 onwards, the cloud-based apps have gained enormous popularity in the app development sector. The best this about cloud tech is that it helps the users in freeing up limited memory, enable the developers to cut down the app size, smart synchronization and various other features. This trend will stay for a long time.

Fingerprint Detection

After the incorporation of the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s, the new apps being developed have taken this function into consideration. IOS apps now have access to Touch ID which makes them more secure. Apps related to banking, shopping, etc. have used this function to make the payments more secure.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This feature has already gained immense popularity among the app developers throughout the world. Internet of Things is a method of controlling various devices without being physically present. IoT is a kind of futuristic feature which has been able to catch the attention of several app developers. Apps based on this functionality will be quite in demand in the coming years.


No matter what type of app you are planning to come up with, it will be good that you hire someone who has plenty of experience and skills in developing amazing apps that too at affordable prices.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing App development As A Career Option

When it comes to joining IT industry, there are plenty of career paths one can take. But one field that has witnessed a tremendous amount of popularity is that of mobile app development. Today there are 4.90 billion mobile users across the globe. The rising popularity of cell phones has also increased the demand for apps which can be used to carry out different daily tasks like shopping, booking tickets, finding restaurants, etc.

Apart from Apple, there are several other mobile manufacturers in the market like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, One Plus, Xiaomi, etc. who are known for developing powerful phones for the users. The Android and iOS are one of the major mobile operating systems, but Android OS has captured 60% of the mobile phone market as iOS is only restricted to Apple devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone. Nowadays, you can quickly locate reliable Mobile app developers who can accomplish all sorts of simple & complex app development tasks.

In the present scenario, all the business firms have shifted to the mobile sphere which enabled them to provide more personalized services to their customers spread across different geographical boundaries. Besides this, several start-ups have also launched their mobile apps so that they can compete with the big players in the market. You can also hire foreign companies for your Mobile app development project. The success of a mobile app ultimately depends on the features, functionalities, and navigation.


What’s the catch in getting involved in the mobile app development?

  • The enticement of designing something new and creative.

  • An opportunity to re-develop or reinvent the mobile technology.

  • You can work anytime & anywhere- all you need is a stable internet connection and a proper SDK.

Stages To Becoming A Mobile App Developer

As a mobile app developer, you can write an app using any modern scripting languages like Objective-C, C++, C# or JAVA. Every mobile OS has its particular choice of language, so you have to stick to that code only. For instance, if you are planning to develop an app for iOS then you have to use Objective-C or Swift, whereas Android OS uses JAVA. To provide your clients with a perfect app you need to have a good command over your coding and app testing skills.

Nowadays, most of the employers look for those developers who have at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the following disciplines:

What’s The Outlook As A Mobile App Developer?

There is a rise in the demand for new and highly innovative mobile apps. Because of this rapid growth, there are plenty of opportunities for the app developers who can either work with a company or as a freelancer. It will be good that you associate yourself a company as it will help you grow at a faster pace.

According to several IT firms, recruiters and managers, the demand for app developers far exceeds the supply. Over the next few years, the mobile app market is expected to grow substantially. It is believed that by the year 2020, as many as 350,000 vacancies will be created for both iOS and Android app developers.

As per the expected growth rate, you can easily secure a good job with a reputed app development firm. But the challenge will be you have to come up with an entirely unique and innovative app that will keep you ahead in this game.


In this article, you will read about the few things which you should bear in mind before you become an app developer.