How to decrease the loading speed of CakePHP websites?

No doubt, PHP is a very popular server-side scripting language that has contributed to the making of countless stunning and cutting-edge websites across the world. This is probably because PHP is a very versatile language that can help to develop websites in a very fast manner, as well as the extent of customization it gives, is commendable.

Now, there is a current new version of PHP that is CakePHP development which is doing rounds in the web development market. The demand for an expert CakePHP developer is also increasing because of the use of CakePHP development is increasing manifolds. We can owe it to the benefits of using it.

We are here going to give you some smart ways of making the website built with CakePHP much faster!

Cake PHP developers

If anyone on this earth wants to increase the conversions on his/her website, then the website speed should be really fast! This is due to the fact that audience doesn’t wait for the website to load for more than a few seconds. It is a fact that the websites developed with CakePHP development by a CakePHP developer can go slower which is not a good point at all!

  • One of the most important and major factors of ranking in the Google is the loading speed of a website.
  • If a website doesn’t load in 3 seconds then the potential visitors may leave the website without waiting for the website to load.

These 2 are the major put-

off factors which push us to think of ways to escape these bad situations especially if the website is built using CakePHP development then the things may be very difficult. Here are the things we were talking about:

  • The website should be updated to its latest version:

If you are adamant about getting the best results from the updated versions of any technology, you may think of getting the best advantages of the current version of CakePHP. Of course, the website will be fully packed with enriched results. CakePHP websites can be made a lot more faster is the latest version is updated on the site. Loading speed will decrease and there will be more conversions.

  • Memory-based caching:

Query execution is a very complex process and to get the most out of the CakePHP development process, PHP decodes all the files and a lot of memory space is used in this which can, in turn, lower the speed of the website. A large memory space is used in the process.

  • Debug Option should be disabled:

When a new request arrives, an error message pops up every time. So it’s very important to disable the Debug option. While turning off the debug, it will help you to avoid the error message which, pops out when a new request arrives. With this, the loading time of the website will considerable decrease!

  • Recursing Status should be disabled:

Disabling the recursing find statements is very important if you want to increase the speed of the website built in CakePHP development. When you perform the find statements, set the recursion status to 0. At the time of production, things can go wrong if this is not done beforehand.

  • To wrap up:

If you want to get dynamic website using CakePHP, then a CakePHP developer should use these above tips to keep things in a good manner. Enhanced user experience means more conversions.


Advantages of .NET Framework for Business Application Development

.NET framework is a programming model which supports building and running software applications for Windows platform like Windows, Windows Server, Windows Phone etc. .NET is developed by Microsoft and it consists of large class library known as Framework Class Library (FCL) and Common Language Runtime (CLR) which provide language interoperability across many programming languages. This framework was developed to overcome many problems of application development like long development times, inability to change applications quickly, the high cost of ownership of software and ease of deployment. There is no doubt that Microsoft is a leading computer software technology company and it has created many age-proof and futuristic software products. .NET is also one such product of Microsoft. This framework was introduced in the late 90’s and is one of the oldest existing language platforms that we still use today. Then it was considered as a synonym to the development and today it is a legacy in the world of development.


Due to its huge advantages, .NET Development is for the present and for the future of software development. NET framework is often addressed as the central technology around which the modern day development concepts revolve. It is the most dependable software development frameworks of all time and still used to build cutting edge, flexible and sustainable solutions to meet the requirements of software development by big organizations. Let’s now discuss why it is one of the favorite most development frameworks with the software development companies around the world. There are some reasons for its vast popularity among the developers as well as among the users around the world. The main reason is its highly systematized programming approach. The success or failure of any project in the market is decided by its return on investment (ROI) and .NET offers high ROI. We are now giving you the main advantages of .NET for Business Application Development.

  • Less Coding and Increased Reuse of Code

The .NET framework works on object-oriented programming which removes the unnecessary codes and involves less coding for the developers. .NET has much re-usable code and many re-usable components. This results in less time and less cost to develop applications.

  • Easy Deployment

If you hire a .NET Developer then he must know how easy is to deploy .NET applications. .NET has features such as no-impact applications, private components, side by side versioning, controlled code sharing and partially trusted code, therefore .NET framework makes deployment easier post development. The code execution environment supports safe code execution and reduced conflicts in software deployment and minimized performance problems of interpreted environments.

  • Reliability

Since its release in 2002, the .NET framework has been used to develop thousands of applications. Its performance on various Windows operating systems like Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server is also very stable and reliable.

  • Security

.NET offers enhanced application security as web applications developed using ASP.NET have Windows configuration. CLR and managed code offer safeguard feature like code access security and role-based security.

  • Use Across various Platforms and Languages

.NET allows developers to develop an application for a desktop or a browser or a mobile browser or an application running on PDA. .NET is a language independent framework which means that development can take place in different languages like C#, C++, VB.NET, Visual COBOL, Python, Ruby etc.

  • Conclusion

With all of the above amazing features and benefits and technically robust system provided by .NET, it allows developers to easily design, produce and deploy highly scalable solutions with high level of reliability, security and with robust multi-platform computing.

How a web development company helps reach business goals?


Every business has some short-term goals and long-term goals in mind. Most of these dreams can only be fulfilled if a business hires an expert web development company for getting a stunningly appealing website built for the business according to the business goals and requirements. A web development company should have experienced developers and designers to get on with the building of the website.

A website is a platform that is used to display products and services to the visitors and the audience. As everyone today knows the advantages of investing in a website, A web development company is a way of getting nearer to the goals of your business and the web development services can be of varied types. It is very necessary to choose the best from the plethora of them.

  • Dynamic responsive websites:

When we want to reach more and more audience to grow our business, it becomes imperative to have a website that is dynamic and flawless. Only a responsive website design can help you achieve your targets. More and more people in the world are using smartphones, so the websites should be mobile-friendly so as to reach the audience in the most feasible and seamless way possible. People like to use the smartphones and tablets as compared to desktops these days. So, there is no chance that you should ignore this fact. The web development company you want to hire for web development services should have a great portfolio of dynamic and responsive websites.

  • SEO-friendly websites:

When you are looking to get a website created for your business, the most important thing is that your website should be visible to your audience as there is no use of investing and getting a website built if it can’t be visible to more and more audience around the world. Every business’s end goal is to reach the audience and the customers who can be converted into returning customers and leads.

  • Multi-browser Compatibility:

Compatibility of a website built by the experts of the industry should at least be not limited. A website should be able to perform equally seamless on all platforms and all devices. This is due to the fact you never know where your potential audience is present and what device are they using. A website is a great website when it can be visible to anyone in the world and anywhere in the world. The audience can be using any device whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a pc or a laptop. Similarly, any browser can be used like Chrome, Mozilla or Safari.

Realising the true potential of your business is the first thing that a web development company will help you with. So, if you are keen on that, don’t waste a minute, rather hire a web development company today!

  • In a nutshell:

No one can deny the important role of a web development company in shaping the future and the present f any brand or company. It must be kept in mind that you only choose a company that has years of experience in creating websites and apps and have proven track record of successful websites in their portfolio. Take your business to high levels and reach something extraordinary with the help of web development company.

What are the points the Best Web Development Company Always Have on Mind?


In today’s digital world each business wants an impressive online presence so that its product, services, and information about them can reach to a large number of people and customers from anywhere in the world. Also now most of the people prefer to look up the products online to buy them or to come back later for buying. Some people also access websites to know about the services or information about the brand to use them at the appropriate time. Also, the website should be able to satisfy the queries of the customers in the best possible manner.

If you are a web development company then while developing the site of any business you should keep in mind some of the points which we are going to discuss here.

  • Acquire all the details about the business, competitors and the trends

Website development is such a process in which critical study of the nature of the client’s business, the competitor’s sites and the current trends in the arena should be done. When you assign the task of building your company’s website to the best web development company then make sure that you have conveyed all of your requirements and details to the company upon meeting. You have some expectations from the website concerning your business and the client have about the site and all that it has to offer to both hence clear each and every of your doubt with the web development company before it starts developing your site.

  • Implement Marketing Strategies while Building the Website

If you are an Offshore Software Development company and building a website for a client make sure you implement the marketing strategies well during the development of the site. Te website should be built keeping in mind the marketing point of view i.e. How to attract the potential customers, how to give them all the information so that they are compelled to buy products and services from the site. All of these elements should be incorporated into the site with the correct incorporation of the colors which are appropriate to the type of business or service and the use of graphics to make the visuals as appearing as possible.

  • Website should have Attractive Looks

The first impression of any website is its visual appearance and no web development company will want to go wrong on it. Which kind of font and color the company use for the headings and the contents will have an impact on the visitors and the potential customers. For e.g. If the company has used such a color for the website’s background and the size and color of the fonts that it is not easy to read the content and puts a strain on the visitor while reading it then it can make the customers and the visitors to leave the site. Generally, you have a maximum of eight seconds to impress the visitor on the site and to stop him or her from bouncing off the page.

  • Make Sure that the Visitor has a Smooth User Experience

The next important thing is the functionality and the navigation of the website which determines how comfortable the visitors are when browsing through the site. The visitors should be guided properly to take the next step in the site as per the nature of the business that the owner carries out. For this, it is important that the correct and rich content is uploaded in form of graphics and text. It is famous saying in the web development industry that Content is the king and a site which is attractive but has nothing more as a content will not attract much traffic.

  • Consistent Fonts and Colors on the Website

The number of fonts and the color variations in different sections of pages should be totally consistent so that the visitors get the feeling of continuity. The website should have a simple layout and strong architecture which supports the easy operation and movement through the website.


Developing a perfect website as per the requirements of the business is not only a process but it is an art which also requires creativity and innovation on the part of the web development company. Apart from the above-discussed points, the website should also be scalable and responsive so that it can easily access on any kind of devices while remaining future ready so that it can give good returns on the investment.

Getting iPhone App Development Services from Best iPhone app Developers

Mobiles and moreover smartphones have become an integral part of our day today lives. People use the mobile apps to do so many of their tasks quickly and more efficiently. Due to the high demand for mobile apps so many companies are providing mobile app development services. Especially so many offshore app development companies have emerged which provide high quality mobile app development services at relatively low cost.

iPhone App Development Services

Most of these mobile application development company offer services for various platform like Android and iPhone. These offshore app development companies offer Android app development, iPhone app development, iPad app development and app development for various other devices. If you want a mobile app for Apple device for your business then you should hire an iPhone app developer. These mobile app development services are key to boosting sales and profits.

As the usage of smartphone is rising hence the demand for custom mobile application is also rising. So many of these apps are used everyday and they have changed the way the business is carried out. Every businessman now needs an app which may run on various platforms to give more exposure of his business to the online audience. Mobile apps for different platforms need expertise in different technologies. It is advisable to design a custom app which is customized as per the requirements of your business.

What Type of Mobile App Developer to Select to Develop your App?

Due to high demand, there are so many iPhone App Development Services which can build any iPhone app for you. It is advised that you should choose a mobile app developer who has many years of experience in developing similar kind of apps. If you are specifically looking for a mobile app for iPhones then you should check that the developers have prior experience in developing iPhone apps for clients across the world. As per the trend, the developers should be using Swift programming language using which more effective iPhone app can be developed. Also the iPhone app developers should be highly creative. These developers should also provide their services at very cost effective rates. The developers should be eager to listen to your business requirements and they should also give their inputs for the development of the app. They should provide you with a custom app which meets all of your and your customers expectations.

Where to Find the best iPhone App Developers?

Mobile application development at offshore location can help you to design an outstanding mobile app at lower cost. You require a proficient and expert app designer and developer which you can find easily at these offshore locations. A skilled iPhone app developer will thoroughly understand your needs, your queries and requirements and then proceed with the work. A creative mobile app developer can fulfill your needs and can help you get more exposure in the market through the mobile app. The perfect and professional app developer will design an innovative app. You can easily find an expert and reliable iPhone app developer at the offshore locations. It is not right to believe that you can get such services at higher costs only. You can do thorough research to find a cost effective iPhone developer. There are so many companies out there which provide high quality app development services at cost effective rates.


Whatever it your requirement, through the custom iPhone app development services, you can develop any kind of app like finance app, business app, shopping app, games app, news app, travel and booking app etc. You can get almost any kind of app from the app developer through outsourcing services. The right app developer will use the latest cutting edge technologies and tools and best development processes to build the required app for your business.

What mistakes You Should avoid before Launch of your Mobile App?

The launch phase of your mobile app is a very important phase. The initial ratings and reviews which your app will get can make it a success or failure. That’s why it is important for you to put all of your efforts before releasing the mobile app.


You should have proper strategies in place during the mobile application development phase so that you can successfully launch the app. You should implement the marketing strategies and pricing model to earn money from your app well ahead. Interact directly with your target audience to get some insights to effectively launch your app. Still some people commit some mistakes before launching the mobile app. We will discuss them so that you can avoid doing these common mistakes.

Ignoring Beta Testing

The performance of your app during the launch phase will decide its future. Sometimes some bugs remain hidden during in-house testing hence it is important that you get your app tested by expert beta testers. Publicly launching your app for beta testing will give lots of feedbacks for UI improvements and it will be also good for marketing. Thorough beta testing will make sure that the final app is user-friendly and bug-free.

Ignoring App Store Optimization (ASO)

Most of the smartphone users find the desired app through App Store search. Hence you need to have proper App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy in place before releasing your app. You should target those keywords which the users are more likely to search for. You should do ASO regularly so that your app will get great chances of coming on top of the searches later also.

Ignoring Feedbacks

Feedbacks which you will get during beta testing are very important for optimizing the app for final release. During beta testing, the target customers can give you unbiased, relevant and quality feedback. This will also help to get good ratings later as ratings also influence the ranking of your app. You should use the feedback from analytics and keyword tracking to improve the conversion rate.

Not Doing thorough research on Target Audience

You should know your target audience and what they are looking for in an app so that you can provide those features in the app. You can also assess your competitor’s app and do a thorough research on its target users, features they want and the feedback they gave to the app and finally you can implement all of this research and insights into your own app.

Not Choosing the right platform

During mobile app development first, you should put all of your resources to build the app for one platform so that there will be fewer chances to miss bugs and you can optimize the app more efficiently. Hence you should decide the right platform for your app before starting the mobile app development process. This decision can depend on your target audience, smartphone they use and your earning strategy. For e.g. If your target audience is from developing countries then you should build the app for Android platform first while if your target audience is from the US then building an iOS app is a wiser decision.


Building a successful mobile app is not so difficult but for that you should have a proper strategy in place and you should avoid committing common mistakes which we have just discussed. If you will take the feedbacks and reviews during the beta testing of your app seriously and work on it, there is no doubt that why your mobile app can’t be a success.

3 Strategies you can’t ignore as a developer in the app company


A hike in the conversion rate is the ultimate goal of any entrepreneur. When an entrepreneur starts out for business, a flurry of ideas about promotion and marketing of the business starts pouring in. What idea is in the top position is getting an app created by the mobile application development company.

A business invests in a mobile app because they want to sell more products and increase the business sales and revenue. Similarly, iPhone app development business is also on the rise because of the increasing demand for the iPhone apps and the rising popularity giving a push to the iPhone app development industry.

Right strategies should be followed at the right time and getting an app created is never a wrong decision. But as a developer in the mobile application development company, how can you give a high-performance and cutting-edge app?

If you are an app business or a mobile application development company, then these strategies will help create an app in a more fruitful way.

Here are the ultimate strategies that will help you grow your business or mobile application development company:

1. The purpose of the Creation of an App:

If a client has assigned you an app to create the business, it is the duty of the developer and the app designer to first know about the real motive of the app someone has assigned. Should the app be full of features or what’s the goal of the app?

These questions should be well asked before starting out with app building. One thing which should never be forgotten is that the User Experience of the app should be more than perfection because the quality of an app depends on how easy and hassle-free is it to use the app.

2. Planning is the key:

If you want to create an app that is very much compelling and productive at the same time, then the team should work in a collaborative manner, which means designers, developers, and testers should work very closely.

An app creation process is very complex and it becomes all the more a lot complex if the planning of the app creation is not done beforehand by the mobile application development company.

Engaging and interactive apps that enhance the user experience can only be developed if the planning of the app is done at the right app, that is just before starting out!

3. Reach of the app to the target audience:

Getting an app created comes with various advantages and the most significant benefit is that you should create an app that is able to reach the target audience otherwise creating an app is of no use and investing into an app would be not a good strategy for the client.

An app should be able to run on Android, iOS as well as Windows and Blackberry platforms. We mean to say here that the app should be able to run across platforms and devices.

In a nutshell, these 3 strategies are the best ones for the developers in the mobile application development company.