How to hire the Best Mobile App Development Company in a Smart Way?


Are you running a retail store or have you already developed e-commerce platform for your company but still unable to gain customers in this highly competitive world? Are your various marketing strategies are not working and you are not getting positive results? Then it is better for you if you develop a mobile app for your business and get the chance to promote your company and brand to the world in a smarter way. Today, the number of smartphones users have increased to such a high level that now developing a mobile app for your business is the best way to market your company and gain a competitive advantage in your business.

So many companies are providing mobile application development services hence finding the best mobile app development company is certainly not an easy task. Now we will discuss some of the major points which will help you in hiring the best and experienced mobile application development companies in the market in a smarter way.

  • Search on the internet and make a list of top mobile app development companies

If you want to make a list of top mobile application development companies then search on the internet with proper keywords. When you have got search results, visit the individual websites of the companies and also note down the contact details of these companies which come in top of the search results.

  • Check the reputation of top mobile app development companies

Reputation is one of the major factors which you should consider while hiring mobile application development company or hiring mobile app developers to build a high-quality website for your business. Now if you don’t know how to determine the reputation of a company then here are some suggestions. To know about the reputation of a company you need to collect some information like the years of experience of company in developing mobile apps, total number of clients it has served in past, portfolio of the company, reviews and feedbacks posted on internet by the clients on many websites about the quality of the services provided by the company. Make a note of these points in detail so as to make sure you select the best mobile application development company.

  • Check Samples of the past work of mobile app development companies

This is an important point to consider while hiring the best company for mobile app development services. Try to collect the samples of some of the apps which the companies have developed in the past. Also make sure that you check these apps to analyze the user interface, look and feel, navigation, usability, and features of the mobile app. Hence you should choose a mobile application development company which has developed apps having best look and feel, amazing design, easy navigation and robust features.

  • Contact the clients of the company and check their experience

Talk to the company and get contacts and detailed knowledge about the clients for which they have developed mobile apps. Contact the clients and ask about their experience while working with the company. Also you can note that if the company has worked with some of the big and famous firms or brands in the market then it is good to hire it.

  • Check the cost and pricing

You should hire a mobile application development company which provides best services at the most affordable rates. Pricing is not the best factor on which you can hire a company but still it does matter so that the cost of developing a mobile app for your business doesn’t go past your budget. Hence you should compare the pricing so that you can get your mobile app in most cost efficient way.

  • Check what kind of customer service the company provides

This is one of the most important factors which should determine the mobile application development company which you can hire. You should hire a mobile application development company which provides the best customer service to its clients as during and even after the development process, you will need to talk to the company to resolve various issues related to project, features, look and feel, setup and installation etc. Hence if the company doesn’t provide best customer service then it may delay the project or escalate the cost or even deliver you an app which is not satisfactory at all hence wasting your time and money.
As you have realized that having an amazing mobile app is essential for your business, therefore, you should do thorough research taking the above points into consideration for selecting the best mobile app development company which can give you best quality services at an affordable price.


Advantages of PHP for Web Application Development


In today’s digital world every business wants an online representation on the world wide web through a website. If you want to create ideal website for your business, PHP web application development services will be the best choice for you. Right now in the internet world, about 80% of the websites are built using PHP as a server side scripting language as PHP is much more popular than other technologies like ASP.Net, Java, Python etc.

PHP is open source and has a large developer community which is updating it from time to time. Recently the latest version of PHP i.e. PHP 7 was released which gives faster performance. If you will use PHP for your PHP web development then your business will certainly get a competitive edge over others in the market. Now we will discuss some of the reasons why PHP is best for Web Application development.

PHP has built-in features for Web development

PHP was mainly developed specially for web development while other programming languages were developed for web as well as desktop environment hence PHP has many features which are required for developing websites and web applications. There are many inbuilt classes and functions in PHP to do many web development operations.
PHP is platform independent

PHP runs on all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc as it is a platform independent language. PHP web applications run perfectly on all platforms without any issue. If you are a PHP developer then you can deploy the PHP application on all the web servers like Apache, IIS, Netscape etc. Therefore you can develop web applications using PHP without worrying about the deployment and hosting concerns.

PHP is Open Source

PHP is not only most popular but it is also open source and is distributed freely and there is no license fee involved while you use PHP for web development. Therefore PHP is used to develop web application freely.

PHP has huge open source community

PHP has been developed by open source community of developers from across the world. You can interact with these open source developers using online blogs and forums. If you have any query then you can also resolve from this community help. Therefore PHP is very popular as it is well supported.

PHP is compatible with all databases

On the internet, Websites deals with a large amount of data and all the developers and users want that these database operations should be fast. Companies want to use the fastest databases. PHP is compatible with all the databases like MySQL, SQLite, dBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL etc. You can choose the fastest database and use with the PHP without any issue.
PHP application development with LAMP framework

You can develop quality PHP applications using LAMP framework. LAMP includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP which all are freely available. You can use this LAMP stack to create efficient and powerful web applications.

We have discussed various advantages of using PHP for Web application development. If you choose to use PHP for your web application or website then you will get advantages of open source community, platform independence, libraries, frameworks, plugins and for developers, PHP is easy to learn also. Therefore in future also PHP will get even more popular and will be loved by developers and businesses even more.

What are the Modern E-Commerce Web Design and Development Trends?

E-Commerce websites have to be designed and developed keeping in mind the requirements to showcase a large number of products for the customers which are searching to buy online. Designers must focus on showing products within the layout. Although user interfaces are not much complex they require lots of additional meta-data such as prices, quantity, and item types.

Here we will show you some common e-Commerce website trends which any E-commerce web development company must be using nowadays. Many website layouts can be found easily on the internet but here we will give you information which will be useful for even experienced web developers which are looking for emerging user interface trends. You should keep yourself up-to-date by practicing new techniques.

  • Animated Page Elements

There are few e-Commerce websites which put the animations properly. If these animations are not done properly then the visitors will not feel comfortable while browsing the e-commerce site. But if you create helpful animations which is connected to some important segment of your layout animation styles then it will be very useful. You can animate menus and products captions carrying hidden contents which will be quite useful.

For shoppers and web development company which are quite known to the old layout, these new trends are not much difficult. For e.g. The very cool sub-navigation flyout menu which can come by hovering any of the top links as the small block container will animate out from the page. Also you will find topic headings along with related thumbnail images.

  • Customer Reviews and Ratings

Many of the new users are not comfortable while shopping online. Some people are not comfortable sharing their credit card details and they will find it difficult jumping into an online purchase. One of the best methods for reducing this uncertainly is by providing user feedback and customers ratings. Many of the developers should recognize this ratings and reviews from the popular iOS app store or Android’s Play store. Users should be able to purchase an item and leave their own review of what they think regarding the product. Reviews include some text and a star rating on the scale of 1-5.
User reviews and ratings are universal as everyone knows what they mean hence people can read the reviews and come to conclusion about the product quality by their own. This kind of system can help lots of customers in making a decision to buy the products from the site.

  • Navigation

The e-commerce website offering an e-store and products must be careful about organizing all of this data. Most of the website navigation menus generally have a small collection of links to some potential sub-menus items. But e-Commerce websites require multiple levels of nested menu links. Sometimes there are so many levels that you won’t be able to display all of them at once. When the user browses through any product categories then the navigation menu should open up to display more options. But these links are visible for only the currently selected topic.
When you hover over each menu item on the left-hand side then a flyout menu should appear with additional links. Then when you will select one of these options a newly updated navigation menu should appear on the left side. These provide additional properties to choose from such as brands, type, size and price range etc.

Your website interface should be easy to read and navigate. Most of the users will not get lost on any page with so many navigation options.

  • Product Magnification

If you want to sell products online then you should provide the best viewing experience to the visitors so that they can clearly see what they are buying and paying for. Generally, this can be accomplished by publishing very high-quality images. But you should also provide more setup to your visitors. Actually, you should provide product magnification option to your visitors. When the visitors hover the mouse over the image then a bigger magnified view should come up. The larger zoom box should appear over the product content so that the user doesn’t need to scroll anywhere. This feature can be developed using JavaScript which could offer a simple fallback method to open larger images in a new window. You can easily find the required code on open source websites.

These were some of the trends for modern e-commerce website design. You will see most of these on so many of the e-commerce websites as they offer an easier way to access the website by the visitors and they provide such an experience that visitor will become customers and do online shopping on the website.

Guide for Choosing Best Magento Development company

Magento is an open source content management system (CMS) which is getting more and more popular in the past several years especially when we talk about e-Commerce web development. There are many features associated with Magento that are convincing the business owners and developers to go for it. Magento can be customized according to the client requirements. Magento is robust and has several features therefor it is the top choice for development of e-Commerce websites.


There is lot of competition in the market hence finding the right Magento Development company requires thorough research and analysis. As Magento is open source hence so many companies are offering quality Magento e-Commerce development services. Many businesses want their online e-store hence they are hiring these companies for their e-commerce website development.

We will discuss here the issues which you need to thoroughly research before choosing a Magento e-Commerce development company or developer.

  • Ask for references and check their past projects

After you have created a list of possible Magento developers then the next step is to ask them for references and list of projects they have done in the past. If you will check their online stores then you can make a qualitative selection to find a Magento developer which can easily fulfill your business requirements of the online store. Open the developer’s website and check the about page, clients, partners and gather all the information which can help you in decision making.

When you will check their portfolio of projects and if you find a similar website that you need then you can check its quality and performance. Hence before you hire Magento developer make sure they have developed similar e-commerce website in past.

  • Request Quotation and pricing

Creating a Magento store needs big investment hence carefully plan your budget. Hence create a plan which should include all of your requirements and the budget you are ready to spend. Then ask for the quotation from the Magento developer. Make sure all of your required features and functionalities are included in the requirements for which the Magento developer is sending you the final cost. Also check the rates of SEO, support, and maintenance, if they provide. Make sure the developer’s or company’s pricing policy matches your expectation and budget.

Quality Standards followed by Company
You should check whether the company follows some international standards of quality in Magento development process. Check which model they follow in the e-commerce development. If the company is ISO 9001 or CMMI certified then it will be a sign of good quality in their services and it can be a right choice to build your quality e-commerce site. Such a company will also be a reliable one in their commitment towards the development work.

  • Future Support and Maintenance

If the Magento development company which you are hiring offers future support and maintenance then it will be the best choice for your e-Commerce website development work. Support and maintenance is very important after the deployment of your site as so many times the website may face some issues which need to be resolved quickly so that your online business don’t suffer any loss. Such a company can also develop new features into your e-commerce site if required in future.

  • Communication Channels

Before hiring a Magento development company make sure the company has proper communication channels to communicate with you frequently before and after the development process. So many times you may need to incorporate some changes into the site. If a company is eager and quick in communication then these changes can be incorporated easily and quickly otherwise it can be a lengthy process which can take many days to complete and it may delay your website launch.

Choosing a developer or company for Magento development work is not an easy thing to do. Regardless of the type of company you choose, the project will involve a big financial investment hence you should choose the developer or the company wisely in order to get best result from the new site. You should select the company which best satisfies your criteria and business website requirements as well as the technical skills required for the project.

Common iOS Memory Mistakes Developers Should Avoid for faster performance


Developing apps for iOS devices is not so easy and sometimes even the experienced iOS developers make some mistakes while developing an application for iOS devices. The most critical mistake is iOS memory mistakes which less experienced iOS developers often make while designing and developing iOS applications. We will discuss such iOS memory mistakes so that the future iOS developers can be made aware and they don’t commit such iOS memory mistakes.

Some of the common memory mistake most of the iOS developers do are:-

  • Missing deallocate method as a part of each class

Many developers forget to include dealloc method in each and every class, which lead to memory management problems during iOS development process. Developers should also make appropriate dealloc method in all classes to avoid memory management issues.

  • Not calling super dealloc method

Also many times it happens that most of the developers never call super dealloc method from dealloc, which results in the crashing of the memory and cause serious issues in the app development process. You should note that you can’t call any dealloc method hence you must first call super dealloc method and that should only be called in your dealloc method.

  • Ignoring Resource Consumption

It is important that your iOS app should consume less memory, data, and power. Consuming less memory can lead to the popularity of your iOS app. Most of the users don’t like to use apps which take up too much of phone memory making the mobile device slower, drain their device’s battery too fast or use a lot of internet data. Hence if you are an iOS developer then you should not ignore the resource consumption while developing an app.

  • Writing NSLog statements in production ready code

NSLog statements are very helpful while debugging of the iOS mobile app, but if you overuse it then it can also slow down the performance of the app. If you will use more NSLog statements within your app then it will consume more memory which will result in getting memory warning from your app itself. Hence you should try not to make such mistakes and better you can try to bypass NSLog statements at all if you don’t need them.

  • Underestimating the iOS debugging commands

Less experienced iOS developers don’t know about the power of iOS debugging tools and also never consider them during the iOS app development process. For e.g. NSDebugEnabled, MallocStackLogging, and other environment variables can help you out to identify the causes for the crash. Hence you should try to get familiar with iOS debugging commands and use them within your iOS mobile app development to avoid memory crashes which happen more frequently.

  • Not setting pointers to nil

Other than making above major memory mistakes, many iOS mobile app developers often forget to set the pointer to nil after releasing and using retain count of the object which can cause serious memory issues later on during the app development process.

  • Not leveraging the power of accessory which makes memory management easier
    If your class has a property that is an object then you should make sure that any object that has been set as the value is not deallocated while you are using it. Hence you must claim ownership of the object when it is set. You should also make sure that you relinquish ownership of any currently held value. Sometimes it may seem tedious but if you use accessor methods regularly then the chances of having a problem with memory management decrease a lot. If you are using ‘retain’ and ‘release’ on instance variable in all of your code then you are not doing the right thing.

Final Words:-

We have just discussed some of the crucial iOS memory mistakes which most of the iOS app developers make during their iOS application development. Hence these memory mistakes should be avoided right from the beginning of the iOS app development process. Although the fundamental concepts described in iOS’s Memory Management Policy are straightforward there are some practical steps you can take to make managing memory easier which we have just discussed. These steps will ensure that your programs remain reliable while at the same time minimizing its resource requirements.

Building Responsive Web Pages With Web Application Development


Most of the companies try to create a great experience for customers. But actually, few companies are willing to make changes which are required to deliver that great experience.
Nowadays people are talking a lot about responsive web design. Most of us believe it is a strong concept and it will be here to stay. So we can extend this topic to Web application development by HTML5 powered applications. Responsive web applications are both a huge opportunity and a big challenge.

Building a Responsive Web Application is very important nowadays. We should use Web Application development to create responsive sites. Here we will be discussing and exploring ideas and solutions for that.

Sometimes people assume too much. For example, all small screens are not necessarily a touch device. A mobile device can also be 1280 pixels width and a desktop can also have a slow connection. If we focus on these things without making assumptions then these are all about responsiveness.

The Javascript enabled debate is over. We have to optimize for accessibility and indexability. SEO is more or less important for apps. As we are going responsive therefore we will pay a lot of attention to mobile and to perform as well.

Responsive Web design has mostly to do with not knowing the screen’s width. We have many tools to work with like media queries, responsive images. We also need to resolve some technical issues around responsive web design.

Till date, not all of big websites have gone truly responsive.

Responsive web design is mostly about client side solutions.

The Need for Responsiveness

As the internet world is becoming increasingly complex hence it has become extremely important to deliver great web experience to growing number of people. Responsive web design gives website designers some tools for making a layout that respond to any screen size. We use flexible images and media queries to get the layout looking great irrespective of the size of the device’s screen dimensions.

Mobile context is not only about screen size. We use mobile devices wherever we go. Sometimes we use wi-fi and sometimes 3G or 4G. Also, touch screens open new opportunities to interact directly with content.

As we want to design a site for mobile context and not just for small screens, we want to ensure that we overcome the many challenges for mobile development. We want to build fast loading optimized sites for the tablet, desktop, and other emerging contexts.

Developing Responsive E-Commerce websites

For E-Commerce web development we need to carefully plan as nowadays e-Commerce websites are also accessed not only by desktops but also by mobile devices. Billions or trillions of dollars of e-commerce business is done through mobile devices. Therefore we should design responsive e-commerce websites so that the users can easily access them through mobile devices. We may use WordPress, Magento or other website development frameworks for web application development as the site which will be build using this framework will be easy to optimize for responsiveness.
Hence building responsive websites is not only a trend but it has actually become the necessity. More and more websites will be following this trend in years to come.

Best Software development Models in Web Application Development

Today technology is changing the shape of the businesses and it has evolved a lot in past few years. Using technology people want to have control over everything. Software development and web application development has opened up limitless opportunities. Using technology we can innovate and offer a platform where software and web application development takes place.

The models and methodology used in Web Application Development is a structure which can be used for planning and be controlling the procedure of creating a specialized solution.
Proper planning is needed to develop highly technical software and applications. The basic purpose of these models is to offer customized web application as per the requirements.
Models help us understand the system by simplifying the details which can be implemented and executed by following the proper model. In the case of Custom web development, we have to carefully study which model to follow so that there remains a balance between requirements, analysis, design, development and testing phase of the project.

Now we will discuss some of the famous models used for the purpose of Software development and Web Application development:-

1. Waterfall Model

If you into software or Web Application development you must have used Waterfall Model. It is the traditional method of explaining the software development process. Waterfall model makes the process into a linear flow with a sequence and states that further level is made progressive on completion of the previous one.
Also, this model says that going back to do some changes is not possible.

Steps in Waterfall Model:-

  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis
  • System Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment of the System
  • Maintenance

Advantages of Waterfall model:-

  • Easy to understand and functional
  • Easy to handle as model is rigid one
  • Saves lots of time
  • Allows doing testing and analysis easy.


  • It only matches precise requirements
  • Not application for maintenance projects
  • It doesn’t allow editing in the testing phase
  • Difficult to guess the outcome of the project
  • Not best suit for long and ongoing projects

2. Agile Software Development/Web Application Development Methodology

Agile methodology offers an innovative approach towards web application development. It is used to manage projects in a well-organized way and allows for recurrent changes. This methodology is getting popular and now applied for a large number of software projects.

The good thing about it is that it minimizes efforts by creating software in short time boxes, known as iterations and which can last from one week to one month.

Advantages of Agile Software development model

  • It follows an Adaptive approach that responds to changes
  • Allows for direct communication between stakeholders to maintain transparency.
  • It improves quality by finding and fixing errors quickly and identifying a mismatch
  • in expectations as early as possible.
  • It focuses on working with software and lacks documentation efficiency
  • There are also chances of going off-track as outcome is not clear

3.Analysis/Design Model (ADM)

This model applies the simple approach of Analysis, design, and implementation. There also occur some issues when an attempt is made to include web pages, and the executable code is associated with them alongside other elements in the model. Hence we should model the artifacts of the system-those real life entities which will be built and operated to create the final product. Also modeling the internals of the web server or the details of the web browser is not going to help the designers of a Web Application development.

It is important to model the pages, their links to each other and all the active content that went into making pages. These are the objects which the designer designs and the developer implements. Dynamic content pages, hyperlinks on the client and server are needed to be modeled.

The next process of this model is to map these objects to modeling elements. If the web page is a class in the model then the page’s script will map the processes of the class.

Whatever model you follow but you have to make sure that it is best for the Web Application development processes where we have multiple pages, hyperlinks, and relations between those pages. The model should make sure that all of the requirements are taken care of and the final product is well tested and is foolproof of errors and defects. By following a model the project will be completed in time and with the best quality possible.