Boost Your E-Commerce Business With Magento


Today, E-Commerce websites are booming since all the leading brands have gone online. People prefer to buy products and services online since they can shop whenever they want and from anywhere. Many web development firms have entered the E-Commerce world in the urge of making profits and branching out their business worldwide.

In order to attract the target audience effectively, a business needs to opt for an interactive, engaging and reliable ECommerce web development platform. When it comes to choosing a platform that is dependable and makes E-Commerce management easier, Magento is the choicest platform today.

You can create an online portal which has custom aesthetics for displaying the products and services you have to offer. A custom look plays a crucial role in building a strong brand reputation over the web. Magento also makes it possible to customize the features of the store whenever required.

Magento is ideal for E-Commerce web development, given its ease of access and proven methodologies to rank higher on the search engines. It makes it easier for even the beginners to manage products, catalog and client information. Magento website development is considered excellent for putting the E-Commerce store on top of the search results and keeping the store updated at all times.

Magento features a high-level flexibility and allows the customers to enjoy the services of the vendors. In addition to this, Magento is ideal for creating a hefty and loyal customer base which ultimately brings in more business. Magento allows the visitors to view all the options on a single page, making it convenient to shop online and visit the store frequently.

The best part of using Magento platform for E-Commerce is that it allows the web developers to precisely remodel the store and add the custom features in it. The framework does not impose much restrictions over the developers and allows them to show their skills and expertise.

Some of the key benefits associated with Magento E-Commerce web development include:

  • Magento is a well-known E-Commerce development platform due to its unmatched customization abilities. You can fine-tune your store as per the custom need of the business or clients to deliver an enhanced experience.
  • It is a simple and elementary platform, which contributes to creating high-quality business websites and provides unlimited scalability for website management as well as development.
  • Magento platform is easy to upgrade whenever the latest updates are rolled out. The upgrades are available free of cost so the webmasters can upgrade their store without paying any kind of fee or recurring charges.
  • Magento based online stores are user-friendly sites and allow the customers to easily browser across the store for the desired products. Magento is an interactive platform ideal for developing E-Commerce websites which attract more web traffic to the website.

Hire CakePHP Developers For Consistent Web Solutions


Today, many website development frameworks are available for the developers among which, CakePHP is highly preferred and recommended. Ever since it came into existence in April, 2005, it has evolved as the leading framework for web based applications.

CakePHP is used by web development companies to create complex and multi-featured web portals via simple and dependable procedures. The platform offers a flexible mode of web development, which makes it a highly popular tool for advanced web development.

One of the main reasons as to why a dedicated CakePHP developer is in demand is that the platform is an open source and all the tools and resources are available without any price. There are no recurring charges or any kinds of license fees for working on CakePHP. As the name signifies, it is based on PHP, which gives the developers the freedom to write the codes as per their preferences.

During any web development project, a developer spends most of the time in writing codes and validating different code structures with one another. CakePHP framework allows the developers to use pre written codes which save a lot of time to write and authenticate the code syntax. A developer can pick a desired chunk of code and simply add it to the program.

Whenever the web developers are introduced with a new technology, they often discard it due to the hectic installations or configurations. But this is not the case with CakePHP development. The platform quotes to feature zero configurations before the programmers can start working with it. Almost all settings and configurations are auto detected. This saves the developers a lot of time while they switch to CakePHP.

CakePHP features built-in validation functionality. This is an easy and efficient way of ensuring that the coding is performed in the right way. The developers can create their custom validation rules to get an exclusive validation functionality. CakePHP features all the necessary tools for creating a robust content management system. With the unmatched features for caching, validating and authenticating, one can get a reliable CMS which is easy to manage and optimize.

An offshore CakePHP developer should have the essential skills in the popular aspects like customization, developing system pattern, custom module development, extensions development adding payment gateways server configuration etc.

The domain of expertise of professionals CakePHP programmers includes E-Commerce development, custom web development, project management and much more. They are well equipped with experience in PHP, XML and other web languages. The rising demand of CakePHP has made it easier to get in touch with affordable services who deliver the best customization services.

Perks Of Getting An iOS App For Your Business


Today, mobile apps have become one of the crucial ways of reaching out the potential audience. Whether you are running an E-Commerce store which offers a wide range of products or you provide a certain service, all your potential customers use smartphones. So, an iOS app is a feasible way of providing them information on their iPhones itself.

By developing an iOS application, a brand can make it’s services and products readily available to the target customers. iPhones have always been a preferred choice for mobile device users. And with the new iPhone 7 selling as hot cakes, considering iOS app development for business is a wise investment.

  • An Edge Over The Competitors

Developing a customized iOS application which represents your business is important. This will help you in getting an edge over the competitors who hire android developers for creating similar apps. An iPhone app delivers the promotional content in a precise manner, hence increasing the brand value of your business. With the iPhones being a common man’s smartphone, the app will allow you to earn enough popularity and attract traffic to your website.

  • Enhanced Brand Reputation

Having a personal business app developed by a dedicated iOS developer improves the brand awareness. An easy to use and quick business app which helps in publicizing your products will bring in more potential customers. Moreover, a custom iOS mobile app allows a brand to attract a large number of users during the discount sales and similar occasions. This makes it possible for a business to promote their brand whenever possible. The more the users get in touch with your business, the more popular your brand will be.

  • Optimized Customer Interaction

An exclusive iPhone app ensures an enhanced level of interaction of a brand with all it’s customers. The mobile app makes it possible for a business to deliver their prospects to the customers over their mobile phones. This ensures a continuous channel for communication from both ends. Whether they need to look out for the new products or ask the experts regarding your services, the customers can easily have access to the information from their mobile devices.

  • Marked Up Customer Loyalty Rate

With the help of custom iOS app development, it will be way more convenient for your customers to visit and buy your services and products. The iOS app can serve them with all the necessary information they are looking for on their mobile devices. This will make it easier for the potential customers to interact with your business in real time. Since the iOS apps enable a 24X7 service, the customers can access it whenever and wherever they need.

Few factors to bear in mind before starting app development


At present, both newcomers and trade experts are experiencing a prosperous period right now, especially in the mobile app development sector. Thanks to rising sales of the handheld devices (smartphones and tablets), the mobile applications have been able to gain great supremacy in the tech sector. Those who invest time and money into building apps are getting high returns that too in a stipulated timeframe.

However, there are small details which make all the difference. There are some possible mistakes which you can do during the iPhone App Development process. In this article, you will come across some pretty basic but easy to overlook factors which lay the foundation of the feature-rich app. Here are some top things that you should bear in mind while building the mobile app for iOS platform.

Don’t go into development without a plan

Developing an app without a plan can leading to some serious losses. So it’s better to first figure out your requirements, chalk out a plan and then move forward. Several people ignore this step because of which the success of their app is jeopardised.


No one wants to use an app which offers a similar functionality like others. To make your app stand apart, hire skilled and experienced iPhone developers who will help you come up with unique features. Moreover, iOS App Store promotes those apps which offer something innovative to users. So come with some out of the box features.

Put yourself in the user’s shoes

You might have the most genuine and amazing app idea but it is nothing if you are not able to convert it into an actual app. For once, try to put yourself into user’s shoes. You have to invest a considerable amount of time into making an app as user-friendly as possible. If you are the app is not liked by the target audience, then all your hard work will go in vain.

Submit your app to rigorous testing

It’s mandatory to put your app through the testing phase. In this process, the app undergoes rigorous testing (real life situations) so that developers can pick out flaws which are still present in the app’s front-end & back-end functioning. Once the errors are detected, eliminate them and re-test your app at least one more time. It’s better to delay the release rather than to harm your app’s & company’s reputation by launching an app full of bugs.

Any feedback is good feedback

Another mistake made by the developers is they don’t call out for any additional help. It doesn’t matter how many apps you have developed in the past, how much experience or skills you possess, don’t hesitate to consult your fellow developers or people working around you. It’s good to share and discuss your work with others. If you put your app through beta testing, make sure you analyze the feedback given by beta testers.


There’s always a room for improvement. Try to follow best practices so that you can come up with the flawless and quality product.

How offshore development can offer you great help for online business?


Many companies which still haven’t joined the web world are in a great hurry to get the best developer who can provide them with a suitable business website. There are endless opportunities in the eCommerce industry and the only way to avail those is by building the internet site. The rising demand for web development has also motivated several IT companies to shift to web development sector.

At present, there are hundreds of Offshore Software Development agencies in the market that offer quality work at cost-effective prices. The business owners are looking out for the easy yet proficient source from where they can obtain the professional group of web developers for their project. Nowadays, everyone shops online, so it’s essential to have a strong web presence so that you can quickly attract lots of web traffic towards your business.

How offshore developers help in the growth of business

The primary advantage of appointing foreign developer is that they quickly get accustomed to particular business timings of the client. They work in accordance with the same timings as the organization or any other suitable time.

Even the hiring modules are completely different. These foreign developers have a 24-hour work schedule which means that there would always someone to help you out especially at the time of crisis. You can contact them anytime you want and can seek help on any issue.

Moreover, the round the clock approach also comes in handy while meeting the deadlines or at the time for launching a product into the market. The rising competition in the online world and encouraged firms to deliver prompt solutions. An offshore panel is best, while you want to get work ready in right time.

Another chief benefit of hiring an offshore firm is that most of the developers associated with the agency are pretty familiar with the revolutionary technologies which may perk up with the quality standard of the goods. Along with that, it also aids in saving time since more and more people get engaged in developing your site. But the most excellent thing regarding offshore software development is that the labour charges can be greatly decreased.

Get custom software from offshore developing firms

Well, having the custom software is way better than employing a retail software app. These retail software apps need to be modified on regular basis, which in return increases the maintenance costs. Moreover, it is also quite time-consuming and increases the down time. But with custom software, you can quickly meet up with your business needs and can fulfill them in an easy manner.

A custom software development firm can assist you in building a program which would quickly blend in the process and can work as a single solution for your all business needs.
With a custom software in work, you don’t have to buy separate software for different business processes.

There’s also no assurance that two varied software will work with each other or not. It will be good if you look out for someone is capable of developing such programs that can help your business grow.


Why Is PHP Still A Reliable Platform For Web Development


The world we live in is powered by the internet. The web sphere is growing and everyone, from businesses to individuals, is benefitting from it.

Websites have replaced the traditional channels of marketing such as TV and print media. An attractive and responsive website made with PHP programming is the most popular way to deliver online content. From portals based on knowledge to entertainment, websites are the major source of getting the information we want.

Before PHP was introduced, websites were static and had limited functions. But as the brands from around the world went online, there was a need for a website that acts as a digital front for a business. Over the years, websites of all domains have gone through many changes, making them more dynamic. And this has been made possible with PHP development.

The global leading PHP programming language is based on the emerging trends of technology. New ways of presenting the web content are introduced to ensure that the viewers are able to absorb the information easily. The PHP platform is ideal for such demands as the dynamic websites can be updated with new data in no time. This helps a business in staying ahead of the competition.

At present, PHP is the common element of the leading websites around the world. Websites running on PHP easily get popular since they are easy to navigate and are highly responsive. With the ability to attract more organic traffic given its simplicity, PHP is the leader in its domain.

One of the main reasons PHP is so addictive is the fact that it is easy to read and simple to understand. This feature enabled it to gain immense popularity around the world as soon as it came into existence. Unlike other available coding languages, PHP easy to use, well-organized and has all that is required to create an amazing website.

Using PHP programming enables a better control over the website. Often the webmasters have to deal with the complex code scripts, but this can be avoided with PHP. All it takes is adding or editing few line of code to make even the major changes to a website. There is simply no need to monitor the code and check for their compatibility with each other, unlike other web development programs.

The highly advanced PHP comes without any charge, which means the development framework is 100% free. This enables a business in saving a lot of money as they are saved from buying any expensive licenses or paid tools. To further enhance the productivity, the huge community of developers and enthusiasts can be reached out for assistance. A business can share many benefits with this scripting language, and enhance their brand reputation.

Mobile App Development Objectives For 2017


As has been the case with the software web sphere, the mobile app development has revolutionized and evolved to be the next big thing. People have already moved towards their smartphones, leaving behind the traditional usage of desktops and laptops.

The common challenge faced by the enterprise mobile app developers is to ensure the app has what it takes to go viral. It takes more than the performance of the app that keeps the users engaged to it. The app should be free of any bugs and should be able to able to operate with minimum mobile resource usage. It is often seen that many apps do not perform well when the battery is low. In such cases, the users will simply delete the app. Also, the app should not be a battery drainer. No matter how productive the app is, people want their devices to keep enough charge for a full day.

The need for engaging and productive app content is an ever-growing aspect. Apart from the traditional text, the mobile users wish for media such as images, animation GIFs and videos within the app. It is quite a task to bring together all these features and make them compatible with each other. Today, there are several reliable mobile CMS available which can be used to ease the process.

Besides managing the app content, security for such content is another major concern. Usually, the app source codes are made available to the developers as well as the clients. Where such opportunity benefits the app development process. It may also lead to information misuse. This is why when companies hire mobile app developer, they make sure that apps are locked with mobile device management solutions. This prevents the misuse of the app codes which may affect the user experience.

Being a professional mobile development company, you must ensure that every app you roll out should feature proper authentication plans, server validation, and updated security encryption within the app. It is also important that the security should be flexible and different from other applications. For example, if you are creating an app for banking or transferring money, it has to be highly secure than the one for communication.

User interface and user experience have always been the major concerns for mobile developers since the apps came into existence. The common challenge with the app when you hire mobile app developer is to ensure a unique experience to the users. This is followed by adding advanced yet easy to use functionalities to the app. As a professional app developer, it is important to understand the variability of the mobile platforms, screen sizes and various hardware configurations.

Not paying attention to any of these may result in an unsatisfied user experience and will further lead to a weak response from the app once it goes live. To overcome the challenge of app abandonment, you must consider the requirements of various mobile operating systems, regularly fix bugs, and feature app updates. Make your app equally accessible across the leading mobile platforms, and use advanced and interactive options like gestures to keep the users engaged.

With the advancements in the development of mobile devices, we now have a lot of gadgets and operating systems available in the marketplace. As professional mobile app developers, it is important to pick between the three leading platforms (iOS, Android and Windows), depending upon the target audience.

Android Development- From where this whole thing began?

A few years ago, Apple’s iOS was dominating the mobile market but when the Android entered the market, things changed pretty fast. When Android was first developed it was designed as an operating system for digital cameras. But soon Google acquired it for $50 million and made it into a billion dollar firm that too within just a few years.

When Google took over Android they developed a platform for mobile devices powered by the Linux Kernel which firmly rooted the Android OS as a big brand. Since 2008, Android is continually rolling out numerous updates that are loaded with improvements in OS, interface features and usability which made Android App Development a much easier and pretty sorted process. All these updates made the Android a force not to be reckoned with.

In recent years, the Android has slowly covered the Apple’s iOS market and has been able to turn more & more iOS consumers into loyal Android customers. There’s a sudden surge in the needs and development of Android apps but the question is what exactly does it takes to develop a superb Android app?

All the Android-based apps have the ability to enhance the functionality of the device by using the certain technical part, so when it comes to developing an Android app, everything is coded using the SDK (Software Development Kit). This SDK offers an extensive set of tools which include things such as software libraries, a debugger, a handset emulator, documentation, a sample code and tutorials. The Android Developers know how to use all these resources in creating a quality rich and stable for their clients.

While scripting the Android apps, the JAVA is used as the primary coding language because it offers complete access to the Android APIs (Application Programming Interface). Apart from SDK, there are several other tools available in the market. Techs like Native Development Kit, the Google App Inventor offer a great visual environment for any trainee programmers, and of course a variety of cross-platform frameworks for mobile web applications.

If you are a non-technical person then you should hire Android App Development Company which knows in and out of the whole app development process. There is a range of IT firms in the market which is capable of fulfilling your vision at affordable costs. Sometimes you might have to pay a little extra but that’s fine if you desire to create a product which stands apart from the rest of apps. Make sure you appoint those who possess a proper skill set which is required to accomplish this task.

Always do a background check before roping in someone for your projects. Ask the development agency if they abide by the rules & regulations laid out by Google Inc, this ensures that your app won’t be facing any surprises in future. Also, most IT companies will provide comprehensive application testing, security checks and also product support on launch, and in some cases thereafter.

Once your app is developed and tested, it is time to sell it on the Google Play, from where users can download it by paying a small fee or for free. The Google Play is the official app store for the Android apps and it complies with the Google’s compatibility requirements. At present, there are 2.5 million apps in this store, so it’s essential to develop something which is out of the box.

5 Tips To Save Money On Premium Web Development


With businesses demanding for web solutions which are advanced yet cost effective, it has become important for offshore development companies to provide value for money services. Every web development company involved in outsourcing is looking for alternates to keep the costs to the minimum and quality to the max. Here are 5 easy to implement ideas through which a web development company can avail low cost and premium web development solutions.

1.Master The Web Basics

The web development which masters the speed will dominate the web sphere on any given day. While focusing on the speed aspect, it is also important for the web development services to give importance to the basics of web development. This will help the developer in quickly finding out the cause of a bug or error and reduce their dependence on automated web development tools.

2.Frontend Web Development

Website development should always aim for hand coding. The frontend web development frameworks are meant to simplify the coding process. Some of the popular frontend frameworks for web development are Bootstrap, Gumby, and Skeleton. These frameworks make it possible to code for the website in lesser time, hence making web development cheaper.
3.Backend Web Development

This is similar as to the front end development mentioned above. The only major difference is that the custom web development processes are undertaken at the back end. Some of the leading back-end frameworks such as Python, Grails, Spring etc. enable the web development to be more productive and cost effective.

4.Go For Open Source Development

One of the most effective ways to keep the web development costs is to opt for open sources such as WordPress and PHP. There are many benefits of using open source technologies. With the help of open source, the custom web development is not dependent on software resources. The are many advancements happening in the open source world every now and then. These moves aim at making the web development process easier and cost effective.

5.Bring The Developers And Designers Closer

Web development comes up most only when the developers and designers work collaboratively. If the balance is maintained among the entire development cycle, there are fewer instances which may lead to wastage to time and money.


By making use of the 5 hacks mentioned above you can significantly slice down the cost of development. It is always advised to consider offshore web development services which provide better development at low costs. Offshore web development companies have the default advantage of lower costs and by following the discussed pointers, you can further lower their cost. This will help your business make bigger profits and a dominate the web sphere.

Advantages of professional iOS app development agencies


After the introduction of smartphones in the mobile market, companies like Apple, Android and Blackberry completely changed the way the applications were developed. Well, in today’s time creating an app is quite easy but marketing it is a bit tough. Nowadays, almost all the small, medium and big-sized firms use smartphone apps to communicate and engage with their customers, so you can easily find the right market for your app.

If you locate the right iPhone App Development Company and everything is executed in a proper manner, then you can definitely earn huge profits. To ensure the success of your app, make sure you hire skilled and experienced app developers who are a specialist in iOS-based apps. Having the experts by your side will provide you complete control over the app’s creative and functionality. Due to their experience and availability of resources they are capable of creating apps to your exact specifications.

These experts also have a library of pre-made templates which come in handy while adding visual effects in the app. This experience has the added advantage of ensuring that you will get your application in the stipulated time frame. It will ensure that the full potential of your smartphone app is realized. If you aim to pitch global audience, then it is essential to stick to latest trends which are surfacing in the market. There’s is no doubt in that the utilization of latest technology also helps in making the mobile app successful.

It will be good if you Hire iPhone App Developers who ensure that you will have latest technology at your disposal and it will be fully utilized. Some business firms opt for paid apps as it serves as a good option for generating revenues right from the first day of launch. But for a paid app, you need to come up with a unique app that offers innovative features which not available in any other app. It will be good if you offer quality content because no one would like to spend $5-6 on a poorly designed program.

The app development companies also offer great advice on the monetization related services. It will be good if you consult their developers before taking any step. These agencies will be able to effectively advise you on your options: whether to charge a subscription, to enable your customers to choose in-app purchases or whether to deploy advertising as the source of income. This knowledge and expertise can only come from those developers who have at least 4-5 years of experience in the iPhone app development sector.

Perhaps the most important reason to hire specialists is that they know how to market the apps. Their ability to promote an app is simply amazing. The best way to utilise smartphone apps is by deploying them as a part of mobile marketing campaign. These experts are capable of initiating and concluding the whole marketing process by themselves. They will make sure that the whole thing is well targeted, consistent, integrated and, above all, highly effective.