Benefits Of Yii Framework For Your Business

Yii Framework is an open source web application development source which is used for creating high-performance applications. Yii is one of the latest and most preferred PHP frameworks in the global web world today due to its advanced features.

Yii is beneficial for web development projects concerned with any type of business, be it small or bigger enterprise. Whether the need is for a simple and small website or a complex project with special requirements, you can hire Yii developersyii-framework

and get it done. Being an open source, Yii can be downloaded for free from the official website. Today, almost every PHP development firm offers web development solutions based on Yii. Here are some of the major benefits of using Yii framework

1)MVC Design Pattern

Yii is based on the Mode View Controller pattern, which helps the developers to organize the web development in a clean and efficient manner.


Or the database object access, is an advanced feature in the Yii framework. Web development company can utilize this feature to avoid the complex task of writing SQL queries again and again.

3)Built-In Validation Features

It is easy to create forms which take input and validate the data with the help of Yii framework. Different widgets makes it possible to collect the form input and validate it effectively.

4)Advanced AJAX Widgets

Yii framework features a rich set of AJAX widgets. These allow the web developers to create an efficient user interface for various projects.

5)Automated Themes

The appearance of a Yii based website can be modified instantly according to the requirement. This is made possible with the theme mechanism offered by Yii.

6)Error Management

Handling error is easier in Yii than similar frameworks. The log messages and notifications are saved in a well-documented manner and can be accessed whenever required.

7)Highly Secure Framework

Yii is the most protected PHP framework of the present time. The framework is equipped with advanced security mechanisms which prevent any intrusions on the business application.


Yii features simple and effective ways of unit as well as functionality testing for the development projects. These are based on PHPUnit and Selenium.

9)Library Extension

Yii framework provides an extension library. This contains various elements contributed by the users.

Yii enables a highly responsive and secure environment for developing competitive solutions. Yii framework is a result of advanced engineering which is available for free as an open source technology. The entire framework is flexible and offers freedom to the developers without much restrictions. Today, a business needs to lay hands on all the latest technologies in order to survive in the cutthroat competition of the web sphere. A business cannot survive without adapting the latest technologies. Yii is exactly the kind of tool that should be used by a brand to enhance the user interference and generate profits.


What is Zend framework & what it can do for your website?

At present, there is a huge pile of app development frameworks available in the market but most these are not good enough. Moreover, there’s a wide array of web development firms also doesn’t do much research while choosing a platform for creating a web development project for their client. And this sometimes leads to failure and wastage of resources (time & money). This thing mostly occurs when a person hires a novice developer for their project.

Now the question is which platform is best for web app development. Well, it will be good if you consult an experienced and resourceful Zend development company before starting the project. Almost 90% of the developers will point towards PHP. In a very less time, PHP has emerged as top of the line programming framework that has been quickly adopted by both small and big developers across the globe. And within PHP, there’s another framework name Zend that helped in creating apps which allowed business firms in making a great impact on the internet & also assisted them in gaining a good amount of customers.

Zend is one of the prominent PHP solution provider that offers a high-performance and reliable environment for developing great software products. The Zend has proven to be a cost-efficient and dynamic solution for the developers which allows them to come up with fantastic products within a stipulated time frame. All these features have made Zend the leading tech for the designing, deploying and managing all sorts of business related PHP apps.

The appeal that PHP developers get from Zend, helps the developers to a build an intensive ecosystem for the apps. All this become possible because of the inbuilt tools that come loaded in Zend. The best thing about PHP is that it runs smoothly on all the major operating systems such as Mac OSX, Linux, and Microsoft. Several connectors & drivers are widely found and there’s a large number of apps being readily used for CRM (customer relationship management), content management & eCommerce sites.

Given below are the key benefits of choosing Zend for your web app development project:

  • It is very easy to deploy, use, expand and maintain.
  • It gives abstract classes and fluent interfaces.
  • It also offers a rich library for frequent usage in applications.
  • It has a wide array of tried and tested coding tools.

The PHP Zend offers an object-oriented programming architecture that comes with a “use-it-all” design. It has a design pattern which is closely coupled with elements & their inter-dependency that are integrated within the framework. Almost 80% of the Zend programming is based on the PHP5 and the MVC model. Both of these are the quite advanced style of PHP and offers a good control over the development process. This style is on the technical & conceptual basis and thus it is immensely admired by the Zend developers. Moreover, Zend also offers great security features as well.
Today the market is full of various IT companies that offer PHP & Zend development services. You can also look out for an offshore development firm as it offers same quality services but at an affordable price tag. These foreign companies have a team of experienced and skilled developers with who you can share all your project related details & within few weeks they will provide you with a fully-functional app.

With the goodness of PHP, Zend framework is straightforward to code, secure, robust and scalable as well. The solution facilitates the rapid web development & supports multiple levels of databases. Moreover, Zend also comes with a top notch inbuilt library. As Zend is based on the MVC design, it also provides effective elements & extensions which facilitate the functioning of the sites and also make them operational, controllable and easy to maintain.

There’s no hard & fast rule to be followed while utilising the Zend solution; it is easy to use, safe and secure. All the data entered in this framework remains encrypted and cannot be tampered by any third-party. If you desire to take your site greater heights then it will be good you should approach a skilled developer who possesses right tools in his arsenal.

Why Magento is good choice for the development of eCommerce site?

Setting up an online business has its own set of complications. This task is not only limited to getting an online store, it also involves a host of activities that a business owner needs to take care of. For every company which is planning to create an eStore, their first priority should be to select the right content management system that helps them in meeting all their eCommerce goals. Choosing the best CMS will help you beat the rising market competition.


You should trust only one platform, and stick with it till the end. Moreover, you should choose that CMS that offers cost-competitive development services. In a very less time, Magento has come up as the best & stable CMS which offers plenty of customization services. Look out for an experienced Magento Developer who will assist you in getting things started. Magento is based on the open-source tech which benefits in installing, modification, and editing the content as per the business requirements.

Codes that power Magento is written in such a manner that the users can easily add and remove any feature which they want. This ability helps the eCommerce portals running all the time. Moreover, the Magento Directory is full of free extensions and themes that are easy install & also help in enhancing the functionality of the eStore. Apart from that, Magento CMS system is backed up by a huge community of experienced developers and active users who keep this platform fast, efficient and secure as needed for the eCommerce business.

Thanks to the fantastic features and functionalities of the Magento Development it has become really easy for the merchants to bring their business online. What’s more, it’s a highly scalable platform which is capable of pumping up the growth of the business firms. So whether you own a small start-up or a well-established company this platform will provide you with all the features that are essential during the different stages of the business lifecycle.

Magento CMS System delivers high performance as it’s a proven framework in terms of page load speed, user query processing speed, and several other factors. It leverages high-end caching techniques and retrieves results against queries in seconds. Along with that, it comes loaded with open system architecture & quickly provides a unique user experience across different devices such as PC, smartphones & tablets.

With Magento, it has become possible for the companies to create multiple online stores with the support of the CMS system working in the backend which comes in handy for the firms that want to sell hundreds of products on the web. Magento lets eStore owners have great control over the all the processes such as billing, inventory management and customer info from a single dashboard. It also allows users to integrate a whole host of third-party services related to shipping of products, payment gateways etc.

It is not only SEO friendly but also gives a superior support to mobile commerce- a feature which is not yet available on other CMS systems. In overall, Magento is one of its kind platform through which you can take your business to greater heights.

This Is Why You Should Consider CakePHP For Web Development


CakePHP is used around the world by web development firms to create competitive websites in a lesser span of time. The technology is open source and offers a flexible platform for developers to craft amazing websites as per their convenience.

Today, the most preferred website development frameworks are based on PHP. Businesses and individuals hire PHP developer to develop wonderful websites. Among all the platforms, the unmatched advancements of CakePHP framework has made it the primary framework among others.

One of the main reasons, CakePHP is the leading development framework is because it is an open source web platform. This means the developers can simply download and install it to create amazing web solutions. Developers do not have to pay any licensing fees or recurring charges in order to use this framework.

CakePHP follows code re-usability to cut short the time to development. During development, most of the time goes in writing codes validating various code structure synchronization. But if you hire CakePHP developers, the will simply make use of pre written codes. This practice saves a lot of time which can be used for optimizing creative and logical parts. Such codes are tested and verified, and can be simply added to the program.

It is often seen that the common reason developers overlook a certain technology is due to its hectic installation. But, in the case of CakePHP, there are no pre-configurations required before developers can get along with it. The framework is highly automated and most of the general settings are auto-detected. You just have to configure the database settings and you are good to go.

Be it any development platform, programmers prefer the MVC model. This is because MVC gives a more appealing touch to the project. Thankfully, CakePHP development platform is based on this Model-View-Control pattern. The pattern separates the data presentation layer of a project from the business logic. Views present the content in a more user-friendly way and controllers validate the data before it reaches the database.

The platform is enabled with built-in validation features. This makes the validation of objects and classes simple and effective at the same time. Developers working on this framework can create different and advanced rules for validation.

CakePHP is based on ORM technique. This enables the incorporation of object-oriented programming in development. Project data can be represented in different classes which are later used to define relations. Pre-defining of validation rules and callback is possible with teh help of CakePHP.

CakePHP implements CRUD functionality, which stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. This feature is introduced to resolve the common database handling issues. A developer can create, read, update and delete different elements quite easily.

CakePHP is an all-in-one package which supports the development of a highly advanced content management system. With the robust features like features translating, validating, caching and authenticating, a developer is able to complete the projects on time, with quality assurance.

The changing role of mobile app developers

Mobile technology is connecting people from the past so many years. From pagers to smartphones, the mobile sphere has undergone drastic changes in the last 10-12 years. Seeing the rising growth of mobile apps, companies are forced to get out of the desktop perspective and are trying to reach the personal space of the customers through the mobile. Most of the mobile marketers have envisioned the place of apps to be at the top of their marketing strategies.


The rising popularity of Mobile App Development has also increased the demand for app developers. Both the start-ups and well-established firms are on the constant look out of a reliable app developer who can provide them with the feature-rich and functional app. The primary reason behind the popularity of these apps is a number of revenues these apps can generate that too in a stipulated time period. As per the US statistics, approx 60 million mobile app usage sessions are recorded every day.

The surveys have also shown that the iOS and Android-powered smartphones are the most commonly used devices for the purpose of app usage. Data analysts have also projected that by the end of the year 2017 the app usage will increase almost five times. Recently, both Apple and Google have launched the latest versions of their operating system. These new versions come with innovative features that made the app development quite easy.

During this changing scenario, the Mobile App Developers have also moderately changed their attitude and have quickly adopted the latest trends which are surfacing in the market. Developers who already had prior experience were able to grow leaps and bounds. Even the offshore firms which earlier used to focus on software development are now shifting to mobile app development because of the lucrative prospects & insane growth of this sector.

The app developers have always felt the need for tools and techniques which assist them in creating feature-rich apps which not only function on diverse platforms but also open for future customizations. Both the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store are full of various apps, but there are only few that rule the roost. Most of the smartphone buyers are not aware of the pros and cons of the each mobile platform and hence only the most popular win the market. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are at the top of the ladder while the erstwhile leader Symbian and the corporate-chosen Blackberry follow suit.

In case you are new to the app development sphere, then it will be good that you search for a reliable and knowledgeable app developer and if you have good budget then you should hire an app development firm as they have a good amount of human and technical resources. You can take help of the internet through which you can locate the suitable developer for your app development project.
It will be good before hiring anyone, you should share all the project details and budget so that the developer can work as per your requirements and provides with an app that meets your needs.

7 Reasons To Choose iOS For Your Business App Development



The future generation of mobile business apps is out looked to be based on iOS platform. With the unmatched benefits and potential of iOS which are extensions, iBeacon, location services, AirPlay, Touch ID and much more, iOS framework is the optimum choice for business app development. iPhone apps complement the work flow of the organization and boosts the productivity of the business. Here are 11 solids to create you business app on iOS.

1)BYOD Compatibility

iOS apps are highly compatible with BYOD. This trend is becoming popular among offices because it enables the employees to bring their own devices. So, companies are reaching out iOS app development services to gets apps for iPhone. With iPhone being the most popular smartphone, such apps ensure that every employee shares a common user interface.

2)iOS Apps Are Highly Secure

Security is always a concern for any firm while adopting a new app or software. With a business app based on iOS, employees can enjoy the maximum possible level of security. Apple has always been strict about the app security, so one can be assured that the app is resistant to malware and viruses.

3)Easy To Use

iPhone apps offer a wonderful control and accessibility to its users. You can further reach out to the iOS app developers and customize the features of the app. This is a major reason iOS apps are more popular than its android counterpart.

4)iOS Apps Are Manageable By Your IT Team

It is way easier and reliable for the IT department to manage the iOS apps for business. The IT team can set up certain rules and authorization regarding opening the office documents on the iCloud.

5)Amplify The User Experience

iOS based apps enhance the user experience, be it the employee or a customer. This eventually boosts up the growth of a business.

6)A Wonderful Tool For Promotions

With the help of an amazing app, it is easy to promote your products thousands of people at a time. As people now prefer mobile apps than using a mobile web, a business can take huge benefits from it.

7)All-In-One source of information

An iOS-based business app is a complete source of getting product and services based information. You can provide real time reference of performance, inventory and much more through the app.

In brief, choosing iOS as a platform for your business app will give you a much needed competitive edge and an opportunity to adopt the evolving mobile technology for business integration.

CakePHP: More Development With Lesser Coding

CakePHP is the best open source web development framework for new generation coders. Based on the simple yet effective PHP language and MVC architecture, CakePHP enables an extremely easy programming digest for development.

With the well segregated components the CakePHP development is packed with, it is easy to create objective modules. For someone new to coding and web development, it is a simple platform to work with CakePHP built-in validation features. These features enable a developer to comply with the major guidelines and conventions for PHP development. The framework takes care of the development leads at every step. The built-in support allows in keeping the momentum for developing long codes and keeping a uniform task flow.

Yet another noteworthy benefit of the Cake framework is that very less coding is involved in it. This allows a developer to code less and effortlessly set-up the database. The library is well-organized, hence you get sharply built code assemblies for different object modules. Featured by simple and step-by-step instructions, these exclusive code events enable an effortless command over the attributes. A lot of time is saved by avoiding the need to look inside-out of the program.

This is one of the primary reasons that most of the programmers prefer to be a CakePHP developer than other PHP related coders. Programmers like the liberty of doing things excessively, which is only possible with CakePHP. Moreover, it is important to note that the powerful features that are highly instrumental in creating prototypes make CakePHP more desirable. With CakePHP developers can easily create, update, relate delete objects quite easily.

CakePHP is very different in the way it avails ease and flexibility for coding and development. Flexible Caching and Access Control List, or ACL is highly great beneficial for programmers working with CakePHP as it lets them interact with all the entities and allow to use them the way they want. The dynamic CakePHP framework is a great platform for ground level customization. This is one of the major reasons CakePHP has become the first preference for many industries and businesses who look for dependable solutions.

The steadfast CakePHP platform provides wonderful measures for a highly secure web development. The sharp security features like XSS prevention and CSRF provides a guarded environment. CakePHP development is based on the idea of free information and custom programming with the best possible approach for web development.

These are some of the many reasons why CakePHP has been welcomed by more than a million web masters worldwide, making it the most preferred open source framework for today.