Benefits of Android App Development for your Business


Android is right now the most famous mobile operating system which has a market share of around 64% while iOS has 32% market share. The reason for so much popularity of Android is that it is an open source mobile OS and have an easy mobile app development process. More and more businesses taking benefits of Android and creating custom mobile apps which are solving customer’s problems and increasing value for their businesses. Here we are explaining the benefits the businesses will get by doing Android Application development.

If you are running a business then you can look for Mobile app development services so that your business also gets a boost due to increased customers from mobile devices through your mobile app.
Android is free and an open source platform built on Linux. Google owns Android and also provides Android Development Studio, the development tool used to build Android apps. If you want to take your business to new heights then you should look for Android app development service from a well established and experienced company.

Demand for Android-based smartphones is still growing at fast speed. If your business will get a presence on Android mobile phones then it will definitely be a great push for your business.
Now we will describe some benefits of Android App development:-

Very less Investment

Android involves comparatively less cost to entry. Android provides free software development tools, Android Development Studio for the developer community which reduces the development and other costs for the developer company. The development costs include the application development cost, testing cost and hardware cost for testing and deploying the Android mobile application. Hence using Android you will get less investment cost and high return on investment.

Android is Open Source

Android is open source hence you can interact with huge Android development community for the upcoming versions of the Android mobile application development. There is no licensing fee and royalty free involved in using Android by Android device manufacturers. Hence Android is very attractive for mobile manufacturers which result in faster development of Android-based mobile phones and also better chances for developers to earn more.

Android is easy to integrate

If you are looking for complex technical customization and integration of web application or even just smartphone application then Android app is the right solutions for you as the entire Android platform is ready for customization. You can easily integrate and customize the mobile apps as per your business requirements. Android allows you to integrate the apps with existing applications.

Android is based on Java which is very popular

Android applications are written in Java programming language with the help of huge libraries. If you know Java then you can easily build Android applications. So many of Java developers have shifted to Android development as they find it very easy to migrate.

Hence if you are going for mobile app development then you should go for Android app development with which you will get so many benefits. In future, more and more people will start using smartphones based on Android platform which will enable your mobile app to reach much more customers which will ultimately boost your business.


Building Responsive Web Pages With Web Application Development


Most of the companies try to create a great experience for customers. But actually, few companies are willing to make changes which are required to deliver that great experience.
Nowadays people are talking a lot about responsive web design. Most of us believe it is a strong concept and it will be here to stay. So we can extend this topic to Web application development by HTML5 powered applications. Responsive web applications are both a huge opportunity and a big challenge.

Building a Responsive Web Application is very important nowadays. We should use Web Application development to create responsive sites. Here we will be discussing and exploring ideas and solutions for that.

Sometimes people assume too much. For example, all small screens are not necessarily a touch device. A mobile device can also be 1280 pixels width and a desktop can also have a slow connection. If we focus on these things without making assumptions then these are all about responsiveness.

The Javascript enabled debate is over. We have to optimize for accessibility and indexability. SEO is more or less important for apps. As we are going responsive therefore we will pay a lot of attention to mobile and perform as well.

Responsive Web design has mostly to do with not knowing the screen’s width. We have many tools to work with like media queries, responsive images. We also need to resolve some technical issues around responsive web design.

Till date, not all of big websites have gone truly responsive.

Responsive web design is mostly about client-side solutions.

The Need for Responsiveness

As the internet world is becoming increasingly complex hence it has become extremely important to deliver great web experience to growing number of people. Responsive web design gives website designers some tools for making a layout that responds to any screen size. We use flexible images and media queries to get the layout looking great irrespective of the size of the device’s screen dimensions.

Mobile context is not only about screen size. We use mobile devices wherever we go. Sometimes we use wi-fi and sometimes 3G or 4G. Also, touch screens open new opportunities to interact directly with content.

As we want to design a site for mobile context and not just for small screens, we want to ensure that we overcome the many challenges for mobile development. We want to build fast loading optimized sites for a tablet, desktop, and other emerging contexts.

Developing Responsive E-Commerce websites

For E-Commerce web development we need to carefully plan as nowadays e-Commerce websites are also accessed not only by desktops but also by mobile devices. Billions or trillions of dollars of e-commerce business is done through mobile devices. Therefore we should design responsive e-commerce websites so that the users can easily access them through mobile devices. We may use WordPress, Magento or other website development frameworks for web application development as the site which will be built using this framework will be easy to optimize for responsiveness.
Hence building responsive websites is not only a trend but it has actually become the necessity. More and more websites will be following this trend in years to come.

How is Website Designing in PHP a Cost Effective Solution?


Billions of people are using the internet for some purpose or the other. All kinds of businesses from sports to store are getting their website developed from professional website designing companies. Hence a number of websites on the internet are increasing day by day. Many people move from static to the dynamic website as per their new requirements. PHP is getting more popular day by day as PHP has made it easier to develop dynamic websites. PHP is a server-side scripting language with lots of benefits. Therefore PHP is currently being used extensively across the world for developing simple to most complex websites.

Right now there are millions of websites which are increasing day by day. Web development using PHP programming language is more popular due to many reasons. Firstly PHP is open source and free to use. Also there are many other benefits which attract people and developers towards it. Here we will be discussing some of the reasons to use PHP in web development services.

Easy to learn
PHP is a server-side scripting language which is easy to learn as compared to other languages. If you know the syntax of C, C++ or Perl, you can learn PHP easily and quickly as it has similar and easy syntax.
Higher Control
PHP can do some task in few lines of code for which other programming languages require long code. PHP developer will need to write fewer lines of code in PHP.
Cost Efficient
PHP is open source and is free to use. You don’t need to buy any expensive software, compiler or platform for it. Hence using PHP you can develop your website in the minimal cost.
Open Source Community Support
PHP programming is done by a large number of people across the world hence a large open source community has been formed which have created many support groups or forums. If you stuck at some problem while designing and developing a website in PHP then you can get support from these open source communities.
Platform independent
PHP is a platform independent programming language and you can run the website created in PHP in all operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc. PHP supports all the major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla etc.
PHP is fast
PHP processing speed is very fast as it uses its own memory. Hence the workload of the server and loading time goes down automatically. When you develop web applications like e-Commerce and CRM, development time in PHP is less compared to other programming languages. Hence PHP developer can create faster websites using PHP.
Scalable and Reliable
You can enhance the performance of the website which was built in PHP. Writing code in PHP is scalable and also reliable when it comes to running the website even if there are lots of web pages in the website.
Supports all major servers
PHP supports all major web servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape.
Offers high Security
Websites and web applications built in PHP are secure as PHP provides a security layer to protect against viruses and online threats. Also, you can install plugins for even more security.
Time tested and trusted
PHP has been used by millions of people and developers since last 20 years hence it is time tested and thus trusted by all the developers and users.

Here we have just elaborated some of the top benefits of using PHP in website development. Hence now you know why using PHP in website designing is the cost effective solution.

Business Benefits of .NET MVC, an Advanced Development Platform


The current web world demands you to be highly competitive. You always need to deliver top-notch services to your customers in order to find out the best development strategies to your customers.
This is the reason technologies get updated regularly with modern advancement are made and as the owners of websites of web applications, we need to respond to this advancement and those who will not lag behind this competitive world
There are several technologies that have gone through a massive change metamorphosis is Microsoft’s.NET Developments. Now the modern day versions of .Net are .Net MVC and MVC 3. MVC is the acronym of Model View Controller, and this is the development model which is used extensively across the world to develop extremely rich web application development. As .NET MVC Development supports MVC framework the development process is quite easy.

In this blog, we will discuss the striking features, Net MVC that deliver long lasting as well as profitable results for the enterprises using this technology.
Learning about the MVC structure

MVC comprises of three basic layers, viz. Model, View and Controller:

Model – This is the application layer, the structure where the application is stored. This is basically the business layer of application development.
View – As we can draw out from the name itself, a view is the application layer which is worked to display the user interface of the website. One can easily understand it as the page displaying the final conclusion coding efforts.

Controller – This layer operates the model layer and is primarily responsible for dealing with numerous inputs that the users enter.

Advantages of using .Net Development

In this blog, we shall discuss the advantages of .Net MVC 3 Development. Those who are looking for developing a web application, this is certainly a solution that you would like to get. Following are the benefits offered by this platform:

1. A highly organized development platform
There are several times that the development process costs more that the final product and it is not up to the mark. Model View Controller offers quite a well-organized and well-planned development process.

This is an integrated development platform that it offers developers to work total control and complete the development project within the given time frame and budget.

2. An efficient testing platform
As the development process is fragment into three layers, it is necessary for effective testing. It mainly supports Test Driven Development and offers the developers to find out anomalies as well as bugs at the earliest and to resolve it as early as possible.

3. Great Timing
As we know that the process is divided into 3 layers, the developers can decentralize as well as categorize their work in order to speed up the development process.

4. Search engine optimization friendly

SEO is something which one would not expect from a web application development platform, however.Net MVC is an incredible development platform that offers SEO friendly as it allows URL Mapping. This is the reason it generates customized as well as more appropriate URLs.


I hope you are looking for the points that are discussed above regarding the new age Dot Net MVC framework. Moreover, for developing top-notch web applications, make sure to hire professional development companies.

How the​ mobile app development for Android Marshmallow needs some changes from Android developers?


Android is currently the most popular operating system running on millions of Android mobile devices. Android was developed by Google and holds 52 % market share in mobile operating system market as per the latest report. Some research reports say that Android has more than 80% of market share. There are millions of mobile apps which are available in the play store of these mobile devices.It is a responsibility of Android mobile app development companies to develop the useful apps for Android mobile devices as per the user’s requirements. Sometimes it can be quite challenging to develop mobile apps. With the launch of Android Marshmallow, the work of mobile app development company has increased as it has offered more security and stability to the Android mobiles for which the developers need to add extra codes.

For Android App Development services the companies should train their developers so that they are up to date with the current Android OS. They may need to hire Android Developers to complete this job.

Marshmallow is the Android 6.0 version and has provided upgrades to system usability and connectivity and also up gradation in the security features. Now the users have more control on their data while using mobile apps of the third party. Implementing these are quite challenging for the Android developers. Also now users can expect a longer battery life.
Now Android smartphone users expect more from their smartphones. Hence Android mobile app development companies and developers have to upgrade their mobile app designing and development processes. Also, the Quality Assurance and the testing team have more responsibility. Here we are discussing some points for mobile app evaluation:-

  • Immune against Voice and non-voice activities

A mobile app developed for Android Marshmallow should be immune against different voice and non-voice activities going on the mobile device of the user. This is important to win the trust of users and develop a trustworthy relationship with clients.

  • Installing and Uninstalling the mobile app

If the mobile phone user is installing the app or uninstalling it, the process should be transparent and without error messages. The Quality Assurance team can check the installation and uninstallation of the mobile app on different Android mobile phones with different conditions.

  • Network Connections

A mobile app should perform well and should not let down its users in different network conditions. The mobile app user should get the best output from the installed app. Even when the network is from the mobile app should give needed information to the app users.

  • Smooth performance

The mobile app should give smooth performance. After installing the mobile app into an Android Marshmallow mobile device, other apps and services which were installed earlier, should not be interrupted in any way.

  • Hardware Integration should be flawless

The mobile app should connect and work flawlessly with different hardware components including GPS, Cameras, Sensors, WiFi etc. as it is required for the best use of the mobile app.

If the android app developer and testers keep a check on all of the above points then the Android mobile users will be highly satisfied with the mobile app. And also the app will meet the standards of Google and Android. The focus is to deliver more power and flexibility to the mobile user. If you are into Android app development them you should take these measures seriously.

In concluding remark we can say that Android app development is not just doing business and earning money, rather it is doing business with advantage to all the stakeholders involved in the development, distribution, and application of the mobile app. If you are a company looking for mobile development then you can hire Android developers after taking due considerations and checking their upgraded skills.

To implement the strategy, the developers need to program efficiently. They need to update with the latest Android SDK, its features and must be trained well enough in which functionality works for which version of Android mobile operating system and also they should keep in mind that delivering high-quality app is key to the success of their team. Also, the developers should regularly check the reviews and feedbacks about the mobile app they have developed in the play store, forums and social media and should respond as well as upgrade the app accordingly and as suggested.

Why Mobile App Development is still a profitable business?



In India teledensity has increased upto 75 % and in some countries, it has touched even 90%. Among these large number of people are using Smartphones. For every kind of their need, mobile apps are available which they can download from the Play Store and use. At first glance, it looks there is a wide scope for Mobile App Development. Hence if you have a team of Mobile App Developers then you can earn a handsome profit by developing mobile apps for your clients or businesses.

Too many Apps

Right now there are around 2 millions mobile apps in the Apple’s iPhone App Store and about 2.2 million apps on Play Store. However, it is really a cause of worry that only 25% of the downloaded apps are used once in 6 months. It shows that there are too many apps available and not all are making profits. After the initial success of Android mobile apps and iPhone mobile apps, Microsoft has also invested a lot in marketing so that more people develop apps based on Windows Phone platform. BlackBerry lost out in this race as people prefer WhatsApp for similar work.

Not all mobile apps succeed
One problem with this new phenomenon is that not all mobile Apps have useful features. Out of 50 new applications that are launched on the app store, only one will be successful. With thousands of application are submitted for release on iOS App Store and Android Play Store only a few have the useful features and functionality which can be liked by the users. Smartphones and smart devices are also becoming sophisticated with new technologies like high-resolution front and back cameras, smart device integration, virtual reality etc. So consumers expectations have risen to new levels and the mobile applications should meet those expectations in providing the features.
For e.g. iOS has recently come up with HomeKit in which one can manage various household electronics appliances from their mobile app. In this competitive world, the application with creative and fresh features will survive. Experts indicate that mobile app quality remains the primary factor for success.

Not all Apps have useful features

Although mobile apps may have many features, only a few of them are regularly used while some of them are not used at all. A lot of features are not useful at all and they just give unuseful information. The unused features of the mobile apps are ignored by the users. A better way to introduce new features and to attract user interest is to release it as an upgrade of the app. Like in the case of social media apps, experts say that app developers should analyze what is required and check the effective usage of the mobile device before integrating new features. One app named HI-FI has been launched as an application to analyze the app and the factors for social media trends. This app will help to find out unnecessary features and also help the users to set up their own custom menus based on their interests. Using this app user can save time and create easy to use interface. This app is attracting lots of users already.

How mobile apps can earn profits?
As in future billions of people will be using mobile smartphones hence Mobile App Development will continue to remain profitable. The earlier cost of mobile application development was thousands of dollars which later reduced to few hundred dollars in the US and finally to under hundred dollars from a team of Mobile Application Developer in India. Other than the competition, also evolving technologies have helped in a drastic reduction in the development cost. Some of the cross-platform app development platforms like PhoneGap, AngularJS and Ionic have helped further the reduction in mobile app development time and costs. For a long time Gaming remained the most popular category to earn money. But recently E-commerce and enterprise solutions like Amazon, Flipkart are also making huge profits from using mobile applications.

In today’s time, businesses have to create a mobile strategy as a core part of their overall marketing strategy as it can help the businesses to reach to their potential customer which can initiate the purchase of their products and services immediately with ease. Hence for a long term, mobile app development will remain profitable.

Why Choose Web Development Services for a Business Website?


Business owners are nowadays willing to get a customized website for their own.  This helps them to advertise as well as display the products they are selling and in turn, helps them to fetch more and more customers that help them to grow their business by boosting their conversion growth. Web development services can be defined as the services comprise of designing, creating, developing and optimizing a website.

Nowadays, having a website is not just a desire but has also become a necessity for all the business owners and online presence is the main factor that leads to the initiation of the whole process of website building.

In order to survive the modern marketing needs of businesses, web development has now become an indispensable need. There are several returns as well as benefits offered by the technology which is quite difficult to achieve.

This is the reason why business owners now need a website for their business. The major features of web development services are as follows:

  • Custom Web Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Management System
  • Web Application
  • Social Networks
  • Web Portal Development
  • Internet strategy development
  • SEO
  • Web ennoblement of legacy applications


Websites are beneficial for business organizations in several numbers of ways, and they are as follow:

  1. a) One of the biggest advantages is that the marketing costs get reduced and this has a lot of effect on the customers, as they are very much addicted to the net.
  2. b) Another quite important factor is that it monitors Workforce productivity and it is improved in a  way c) Having a website improves the efficiency of the business process d) This further helps to find out the return on investment and one can also find out the steps to improve it.
  3. e) Having a website reduces the cost incurred to support the client and further helps to improve the relationships with their customers.


To reap the web development services for their benefit, one must realize the aim of their business properly along with its purpose, mission, vision, and objectives.

Apart from this, there are many other factors must be considered such as target audience as well as their requirements, the kind of interaction necessary, their contemporaries along with their business strategies, and several others.

Therefore, before partnering with any web development service provider you need to find out their management, deliverables, the budget, as well as timelines.

The budget factor should be one of the main factors as a lot of discrepancies arise when it comes to money spent and the services rendered. The time line is another important factor that you need to discuss beforehand before choosing their web service providers.

A decent web design developer should incorporate organizational notions with current technology. They must have the knowledge of all the leading market trends as well as standards. Plus the web development must also have the capability to render end products across a wide range of products as well as technologies.

Another most important thing is that the website must reflect the visions as well as motive of the company properly, and must provide customers relevant and detailed insight of the business along with eye-catching pictures, and smooth navigation